Found out my wife is a lesbian

Me (34m) and my wife (32f) have been together for 10 years, married for 7, and I think I never loved someone so much in my entire life. We met when we were still in college and became friends really quick. She was never really open about sexuality in general, but once I started to […]

How To Not Catch Feelings

A couple of weeks ago I found myself at a swanky rooftop bar overlooking Time Square in NYC, enjoying a cocktail and finger foods with a client I had been courting on Twitter for some time. While we had previously had a few phone and texting sessions, it was the first time we met in […]

I (F25) want to move out of living with bf (M36) – unsure of what to do with relationship

I (f25) am feeling the urge to move out, try living on my own and/or with my best friend. Currently I live with my bf (m35) of 7 years, we have lived together for ~4.5 years. I went straight from living with my mom and siblings to living with him, and although there are some […]

I (18F) caught my dad (42M) having sex with my boyfriend (18M) and now I don’t know what to do, help?

My mother (40F) and father got a divorce just over a year ago, it was a calm, mutual and civil divorce. Even though it was sad for me, as long as they were happy I was okay. On weekdays (Monday – Friday) I live with my mother, as it is closer to my school, and […]

Fallen out of love with my newly trans wife

I [32F] am planning on divorcing my newly trans [35F] wife. A little background; I am bisexual and have been my whole life, but mainly dated men due to my preference of being the sub in the bedroom. Met my wife almost 10 years ago now, and we’ve been dating since we met. She was […]

His (30m) overwhelmingly sexual behavior is really putting me (23f) off

I’m very casually seeing a new guy who I’ve known for 2/3 months now. Things have progressed slowly and he’s been really sweet, kind, patient, just lovely company. But we kissed just over a week ago, and since then, he’s not been able to be around me and it did not turn sexual. It’s very […]

My boyfriend is bothered because I don’t Orgasm

l (26 Female) have never come from penetrative sex and I’m okay with that. I told my bf (30 Male) this when we first started dating so there would be no surprise. We’ve been together 10 months and over the last few I noticed he’d become distant and we weren’t as physical as before. I […]

Are the 30s the hardest age to be dating?

Just something I’ve been thinking about. In your 20s, you have feel like you have so much time and so many options. Then in your 30s, many people are paired off and married and starting families, and for some singles, they feel the clock ticking if they want kids of their own. The pool has […]

I’m Married and My Toxic Ex-Girlfriend Is Pressuring Me to Meet Her. I Don’t Know How to Fix This

She texted me some days ago and told me she has heard the bad news (My wife had a stillbirth) and that she’s sorry about it. It was pretty unexpected to receive a text from her since our relationship was super toxic and ended many years ago. We never talked again after we broke up […]

We cuddled for hours yet he didn’t try and kiss me

Me and this guy have been on and off texting for a while and we hangout sometimes too and its always super fun, he’s honestly the guy version of me I genuinely love being around him but nothing physical has ever happened between us. Last night we watched some movies at his house and we […]

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