Edymaniac: The Secret Party (18+) part IV

On stage, the newlyweds were continuing their intense foreplay. The bride had succeeded in opening the man’s trousers completely and had pulled them down his hips slightly while she continued to devour his huge pole with her sweet mouth. His rod was slick and shiny with her saliva, and she looked like she was starving […]

Edymaniac: The Secret Party (18+) part III

They were ushered into a spacious and ornate dining room where the large table was already set with the first course of a feast that included a vast array of delicious and incredible dishes served by an attentive and courteous staff. The group was seated by their initials at reserved places that separated spouses from […]

Edymaniac: The Secret Party (18+) part II

Osita came into the bedroom from the shower and couldn’t help feeling like a lucky man. He lustfully admired his wife’s gorgeous features as she dressed — gazing at the twin globes of her soft, round bottom just as she slid her tiny black dress down and over her hips. The dress was tastefully short […]

Edymaniac: The Secret Party (18+) part 1

The invitation arrived with a card on Wednesday. At first, Urenna dismissed it, thinking it was another bank promo. But just as the attractive young housewife was about to toss the envelope in the trash, something about it caught her attention — there was no stamp. The expensive white envelope also had no address; it […]

Found out my wife is a lesbian

Me (34m) and my wife (32f) have been together for 10 years, married for 7, and I think I never loved someone so much in my entire life. We met when we were still in college and became friends really quick. She was never really open about sexuality in general, but once I started to […]

How To Not Catch Feelings

A couple of weeks ago I found myself at a swanky rooftop bar overlooking Time Square in NYC, enjoying a cocktail and finger foods with a client I had been courting on Twitter for some time. While we had previously had a few phone and texting sessions, it was the first time we met in […]

I (F25) want to move out of living with bf (M36) – unsure of what to do with relationship

I (f25) am feeling the urge to move out, try living on my own and/or with my best friend. Currently I live with my bf (m35) of 7 years, we have lived together for ~4.5 years. I went straight from living with my mom and siblings to living with him, and although there are some […]

I (18F) caught my dad (42M) having sex with my boyfriend (18M) and now I don’t know what to do, help?

My mother (40F) and father got a divorce just over a year ago, it was a calm, mutual and civil divorce. Even though it was sad for me, as long as they were happy I was okay. On weekdays (Monday – Friday) I live with my mother, as it is closer to my school, and […]

Fallen out of love with my newly trans wife

I [32F] am planning on divorcing my newly trans [35F] wife. A little background; I am bisexual and have been my whole life, but mainly dated men due to my preference of being the sub in the bedroom. Met my wife almost 10 years ago now, and we’ve been dating since we met. She was […]

His (30m) overwhelmingly sexual behavior is really putting me (23f) off

I’m very casually seeing a new guy who I’ve known for 2/3 months now. Things have progressed slowly and he’s been really sweet, kind, patient, just lovely company. But we kissed just over a week ago, and since then, he’s not been able to be around me and it did not turn sexual. It’s very […]

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