Edymaniac: The Secret Party (18+) part III

They were ushered into a spacious and ornate dining room where the large table was already set with the first course of a feast that included a vast array of delicious and incredible dishes served by an attentive and courteous staff. The group was seated by their initials at reserved places that separated spouses from each other in order to allow the couples to mix more freely and continue to become acquainted. Urenna and Osita were almost at opposite ends of the massive table. Still, they caught each other’s eye occasionally and silently acknowledged that the food and the company were completely enjoyable. Urenna was secretly thrilled that she had been seated next to ‘K’; the handsome, broad-shouldered man chatted and laughed with her throughout the meal — making her feel almost as giddy as a schoolgirl. As they were finishing a delicious dessert, Mr. Paulinus appeared at the head of the table and rang his bell again. “I trust that you have enjoyed your meal. Has everything been satisfactory?” Everyone around the table glanced at each other smiling and nodding with approval; the meal was indeed excellent. “Fine. . .” Paulinus continued, “Now, as I mentioned earlier, I have some additional instructions to share with you before we present the evening’s entertainment. Those of you who are first-time guests will want to pay particular attention. You will be escorted into the ballroom, where you will be seated together as husband-and-wife couples. When the entertainment begins, you will kindly stay in your assigned seats until the chime sounds. Ladies, when you hear the chime, please move to the next seating area to your left. . .then continue to move to your left to the next area each time the chime sounds. Gentlemen, please remain seated where you are throughout the performance. For our new guests, the purpose of this rotating method of seating is to encourage you to become better acquainted with one another. Hopefully, you have all had the chance to become familiar enough to enjoy the company of whomever you happen to be seated with. You will likely find the entertainment stimulating. Feel free to react naturally to what you will see and hear. However, if you feel uncomfortable at any time, please do not hesitate to excuse yourself and leave the room. We would also ask that you respect unconditionally the wishes or concerns of the other guests. No one shall be required to participate in anything against their will. Is this clearly understood?” Again, the couples looked around at each other and nodded, but this time not quite so enthusiastically. Osita and Urenna glanced nervously at each other, as did ‘A’ and ‘F.’ They all had similar thoughts about the strange nature of these instructions — especially the idea of “stimulating” entertainment and the possibility that someone may be “uncomfortable” with what was going to happen. All these, coupled with the protected identity of the guests and the mystery surrounding their absent host, made this all seem very surreal. But the other couples who had been there before seemed comfortable with what was happening, so the two “new” couples shrugged and nodded slightly in agreement. “Very good,” Paulinus smiled with satisfaction. “Now, if you will follow me to the ballroom.” They made their way down the hallway they had entered through and came to a large set of double doors that opened into a modest-sized room that really looked nothing like a ballroom. The room was furnished and decorated splendidly, like the rest of the mansion, but instead of the expected wooden dance floor, there was thick, luxurious wall-to-wall carpet. Soft music was playing from unseen speakers somewhere, and an amazing assortment of candles flickered everywhere — providing the only light and casting interesting shadows on every surface. In the center of the room was a circular platform or stage — perhaps two feet high and ten feet across — surrounded floor to ceiling by a closed black velvet curtain. The couples were seated with their mates in four comfortable black-leather love seats positioned closely around the stage in exact North, South, East, and West point’s facing the curtain. When everyone was seated, Paulinus stepped back to the doorway and rang his bell one more time. “Ladies and gentlemen, please remember the instructions I gave to you earlier. And now, honored guests, we present for your enjoyment. . .The Newlyweds.” As Paulinus stepped back through the doors and closed them behind him, the volume of the pleasant classical music increased, and the curtain began to rise. Spotlights rigged above the stage faded up and brightly revealed a king-size bed. As the curtain continued to move upward, they saw a pair of shiny black shoes — then tuxedo trousers — and finally, a young man seated in a chair by the bed. When the curtain stopped rising, the group could also see a lovely young woman seated with her legs curled under her on the bed; she was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress and veil. The newlywed couple was young — perhaps 18 or 20 — and they were radiant. He was extremely fit and handsome with dazzling eyes, stylish hair, a dark complexion, and an eager, confident smile. Each of the women in the room felt immediately attracted to him. The bride was just as fresh and alluring. Her dark hair hung almost to her waist, and it contrasted vividly with the brightness of her gown. She reached up and pulled the veil back over her head to reveal the face of an angel — bright eyes flashing with excitement; full, pouting red lips framing perfect teeth; high cheekbones and cute little dimples flushed with excitement. She gazed longingly at her new husband as her generous, swelling breasts rose and fell noticeably within the confines of her lacy bodice. As the party guests watched with fascination, the young girl moved gracefully off the bed and stood before the groom. Slowly she began to move her hips back and forth to the music as she took off the veil completely and tossed it on the bed. Then she removed her long white gloves slowly, one at a time, to start what was the beginning of an obvious strip tease. While she continued to sway her shapely hips, she reached back and grasped the zipper of her dress; unhooking it, she turned her back to her new husband and teasingly drew it down. The young man slumped down in his chair slightly — still grinning from ear to ear. A noticeable bulge was growing in the front of his trousers; again, something none of the women in the room failed to notice. He watched in a happy daze as the pretty bride continued to dance and strip. Soon the top of her dress was down around her slender waist, revealing the sexy white lingerie underneath. With a giggle, she pushed the dress the rest of the way down and stepped out of it along with several layers of petticoat slips. Now the lovely young girl was dressed only in a shiny white tank top — showing off her enticing cleavage, high-cut panties with the dark triangle shadow of her trim bush clearly visible beneath. Still dancing seductively, the bride kicked off her shoes and moved closer to the young man. While he watched her every move, she slowly sank to her knees between his now wide-spread legs. Smiling up at him, she reached out with her dainty hand and ran it up along his thigh until she brushed against the now-straining erection in his trousers. Everyone in the room held their breath as she traced the outline of his impressive manhood with her fingers — gripping and milking it lightly. A soft groan escaped the back of his throat. Urenna sat watching as if hypnotized. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the provocative scene right in front of her. Never in her life had she experienced anything like this. Of course, she and Osita both had seen some pretty steamy soft-core movies, but certainly, nothing compared to the raw emotion of watching two people being intimate with each other in front of a live audience. Urenna didn’t know how to react. Her conservative religious upbringing should make her feel guilty and offended by what she was watching, but she knew that wasn’t the case. She held her husband’s hand tightly — squeezing it in involuntary response to each exciting tingle that shot through her aroused body. Yes, that was it. . .more than anything else, Urenna realized she was highly aroused by what she was seeing. She was already beginning to feel damp between her legs, and she crossed and uncrossed her soft thighs — pressing them together in a reflexive effort to intensify the electrifying pleasure she was feeling. Osita was having a hard time, too — literally. His cock was trying to break free from the confines of his underwear and trousers. With all of the suspicions he had about this party, he certainly hadn’t expected anything like this. He sensed his wife fidgeting next to him as he watched the beautiful young bride on stage slowly unzipping the groom. Both Osita and Urenna shuddered when the girl reached into the opening and withdrew the young man’s naked, throbbing penis. It was a huge fleshy column in her tiny fist. The helmet-shaped head seemed to be swollen and glistening in the intense lights. Slowly the bride began to pump up and down on his shaft. The young man groaned in appreciation — throwing his head back and closing his eyes. A contented smile played across his lips. In response, the girl leaned forward and lightly kissed the slick, bulbous head of his engorged cock. Her bright red lipstick left a slight smudge on his meat as she leaned back and licked her lips as if sampling the taste of him. Then, suddenly, the young woman smiled wickedly and plunged down to engulf his solid shaft with her warm, wet mouth. Almost immediately, she began bobbing her head up and down with youthful abandon — as if she couldn’t wait to make him explode. It was almost more than Urenna could stand. Her nerve endings were already raw and overheated. She could feel her nipples swelling and scraping against the fabric of her bra, and she kept squeezing her thighs together in an effort to quench the burning sensations between her legs. She watched the girl’s loose dark hair fly free as her head bounced up and down on the young man’s lap. Without thinking, Urenna reached her hand over to grasp her husband’s thick, muscular thigh. Osita reacted by placing his hand over hers and urging it to move upward until she felt his pulsing tool in his tented trouser. Urenna wrapped her fingers around the steel-hard shaft through the cloth and began to rub him urgently. Osita returned the favor by placing his arm around his wife’s shoulder and reaching down to cup one of her quivering breasts through her dress. He had no trouble finding the hard point of her sensitive nipple poking out from the fabric. He scraped his fingernail over the turgid nub causing Urenna to gasp and arch her back.

Author: Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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