Edymaniac: The Secret Party (18+) part IV

On stage, the newlyweds were continuing their intense foreplay. The bride had succeeded in opening the man’s trousers completely and had pulled them down his hips slightly while she continued to devour his huge pole with her sweet mouth. His rod was slick and shiny with her saliva, and she looked like she was starving for the taste of his meat. Meanwhile, he had untied the ribbons that held her tank top together at the top. Pushing the satiny material aside, he reached in and helped her creamy breasts spill out into his big hands. She moaned with muffled delight around his cock as he began to massage and squeeze her soft, jiggling flesh. His thumbs soon found her small pink nipples, and he teased them without mercy — rolling and pulling the sensitive tips between his fingers until she almost squealed. Osita and Urenna continued to paw at each other — getting bolder and more impassioned with each passing moment. They had almost forgotten about the other guests until a chime suddenly sounded in the room. Urenna immediately felt panic in the pit of her stomach. Remembering the instructions to move to the next love seat to her left, she couldn’t imagine sitting with someone she hardly knew in this condition. “Oh Osita. . .” she whispered, “what should we do?” Osita was having similar thoughts. The “entertainment” had seduced and carried them both away almost to the point of no return. What was expected now. . .for them to calmly continue to watch this wildly carnal display without acting upon the incredible urges, they were feeling? Or was that the idea — to build the couples to a fever pitch of sexual need that would turn the party into a wild orgy. He heard about things like this before, but Osita never expected him and his wife ever to be involved. Like Urenna, he was confused and overwhelmed. . .that is until he saw ‘P’ standing expectantly in front of him. “I believe this is where I’m supposed to be now. . .” The tall figure looked excited. Osita glanced back at Urenna and immediately had wild visions of his wife with another man. He had never considered it before, and he didn’t necessarily like the idea, but everything was happening so quickly, and his throbbing cock suddenly made the decision for him. “It’s OK, Honey. . .” he heard himself say. “We better do what the man said.” Urenna looked bewildered and a little frightened as she slowly rose to her feet and watched P slide quickly into her seat. Somewhere behind her on the stage, she heard moans and deep sighs as she awkwardly moved over to the next seating area, where she found their friend, Bola, smiling and relaxed as he watched her approach. “Enjoying the show?” he asked with a strange smile. As Urenna nervously took her seat, she looked back at the couple on the stage. The bride was now laying on the bed — the pretty top had been completely removed, and her perfectly shaped breasts, tipped with dark points, bounced slightly as she shifted and settled. The young groom was gazing down at her — still grinning with pure lust — as he quickly removed his tuxedo and other attire. The young woman licked her lips as she hungrily watched his large erection bob and wave between his muscular thighs. “This is pretty damn sexy, isn’t it?” Urenna heard ‘B’ whisper beside her. She had intentionally avoided sitting too close to him, but she felt him shifting next to her as they both stared at the stage. “Have you ever seen somebody do it right in front of you like this?” B asked. Urenna cleared her throat and whispered back without looking at him, “N…no, never. . .I never imagined. . .” After he had removed his clothing, the attractive groom on stage placed one knee on the bed and reached out to effortlessly pull the scantily-clad bride closer to him. The beautiful lady smiled and cooed with pleasure as he hooked his fingers in her skimpy lace panties and began to pull them off. She lifted her hips slightly to assist him, and soon she was completely nude and spread wantonly on the bed. Urenna’s heart was pounding inside her chest, and she was having trouble catching her breath. She watched the young man lift the girl’s delicate foot, and then — starting at her ankle — he began to kiss and lick his way up her leg until he reached her tender inner thigh. . .just inches away from her soft, wet opening. Urenna could feel her own warm juices soaking her tiny panties, and she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs — causing the hem of her short black dress to ride up higher and higher. Seated next to the increasingly impassioned housewife, Bola Hamzat, or ‘B,’ was no longer watching the performance on stage. He knew he had limited time before the chime sounded again, and he wanted to make the most of the opportunity. This is what he had been waiting for — the reason he had made careful arrangements to have Osita and Urenna Agba invited to the party. For quite some time, Bola had secretly dreamed of seducing his friend Osita’s innocent and comely wife. Now was the time to make his move. At the same time, a few feet away, Urenna’s husband, Osita, was getting his own lessons in the art of seduction. ‘P,’ the beautiful and tantalizing woman, wasted little time in cuddling up against her attractive new friend. As they sat together watching the newlywed couple pleasure each other, Osita felt another man’s wife softly breathing into his ear as she whispered, “Oh, this makes me feel so naughty. . .would you mind if I played. . .just a little?” Osita jerked suddenly as he felt her hand grasp his and place it on her warm, soft thigh. She purred softly and spread her legs slightly — pushing his hand higher until it slid under her dress. Instinctively Osita massaged her smooth, tender flesh with his fingers. As he moved his hand higher, he could feel the warmth building, and she parted her thighs wider to give him better access. Soon his middle fingertip brushed against the downy softness of her pubic hair and then the puffy flesh of her vaginal lips. She was not wearing panties. P moaned quietly next to him — encouraging him to continue probing. Somewhere in his foggy brain Osita had a fleeting thought that what he was doing was wrong. But before he could process the idea any further, the lovely woman unzipped his fly and reached inside to grasp his throbbing manhood. The touch of her cool skin on his burning shaft caused him to groan and thrust his hips forward. All thoughts of turning back quickly vanished. Urenna stared trance-like at the erotic sight before her. The young groom on the stage now had the bride’s legs spread wide and bent at the knee. Tossing her thick mane of hair from side to side, she panted and groaned as her lover lapped and swirled his tongue into the tight slit of her vagina while her hips pumped rhythmically against his hungry mouth. Bola had moved closer to Urenna and gazed down at the lovely sight of her naked thighs squeezing together tightly and then relaxing repeatedly. Her dress had ridden up high enough that he could almost see the hidden juncture between her legs, but she was wringing her hands together in her lap, preventing the dress from rising any higher. Watching her swelling breasts rise and fall with each ragged breath, he slowly reached his arm around her shoulder in a careful, casual manner so he wouldn’t frighten or alarm her. When she did not object to his advance, Bola lightly placed his hand on her knee — again watching her closely for any resistance. But Urenna was dizzy and almost drunk with desire. She heard the wet slurping sounds and the constant moans from the couple on the stage, and she couldn’t help imagining — no, wishing — that she was the one on the bed tangled in the naked, passionate act with the handsome young groom. She vaguely felt a hand touching and slowly sliding up her leg, but it didn’t register in her lust-filled brain until she felt the hem of her dress being tentatively pushed aside. Urenna instinctively looked down to see a man’s hand lightly stroking her exposed skin. Then, with wide, glazed-over eyes, she dreamily looked up and tried to focus on his face smiling back at her. “Let me help you. . .” she heard him say. Bola shifted even closer to her small frame and reached down to gently take her hands and move them off her lap. While they both watched his movements, he carefully took hold of the bottom of her short dress and gradually lifted the fabric up and folded it back onto her stomach — completely revealing her thin black panties. Bola took a deep breath. She was more captivating than he had imagined. The scant fabric did little to hide her feminine charms, and he knew he must have her. . .if not entirely now, then certainly before the night was over. On the other couch, Osita leaned back and planted his hands on the chair to brace himself. He watched the two young lovers on stage trying to send each other over the edge in a frenzied sixty-nine position, but between his outstretched legs, a gorgeous woman he hardly knew knelt in front of him greedily deep-throating his aching cock. Her technique was fantastic as she swirled and stabbed her tongue around the sensitive head each time, she lifted her lovely head with the hair. Osita was in heaven until he remembered Urenna. Whipping around to look to his left, his eyes opened wide and his mouth fell open when he saw what was happening. There was his conservative little wife with her dress bunched around her waist and her legs spread wide. Hovering over her was the large form of his friend, Bola, who had his hand buried in her panties — obviously fingering her furiously. Urenna stared straight ahead with unblinking eyes as her pretty mouth gasped for breath. Even several yards away, her husband could hear her pant and whimper helplessly. At first, Osita was angry at the sight of his wife so openly engaged in sexual acts with another man. But soon he realized that he had no cause for resentment. After all, he had encouraged her to move to the next chair, and here he was doing the same thing with someone else’s wife. No, there was nothing he could do about it now. Electric shocks jolted through Urenna’s small body as the man above her continued to plunge his fingers in and out of her drenched pussy. He had been so smooth in his conquest. Before she even realized what was happening, Bola had first traced the lips of her opening through the scant piece of silk between her legs — then he moved his hand up and slipped it down inside. Fireworks went off in her head when his fingertip went straight for her erect little clitoris which he teased and stroked until she cried out in pleasure. Then he moved his big fingers lower and found her steamy, wet opening. Bola reached under and silently urged her to raise her soft, round buttocks so he could remove her panties completely. Cool air rushed over her inflamed sex as she leaned back again and waited breathlessly for the thrill of his touch. But it would not happen now. . .The chime sounded again. Somewhere deep in her clouded mind, Urenna realized she had been signaled to move to a new location in this surreal version of musical chairs. The man beside her reluctantly removed his hands from her naked skin and helped her rise unsteadily to her feet. “We’ll finish this later,” he breathed in her ear while he helped straighten her dress; then he gently directed her toward the next couch. On stage, the newlywed couple continued their heated act of passion. The bride was straddling the virile groom. She arched her back and churned her plump buttocks wildly, plunging herself up and down with frantic need on his thick, shiny pole sliding deep inside her with each thrust. The room was filled with the sounds of their love cries and the soft methodic slapping of flesh meeting flesh. Urenna shakily groped her way through the dim light until she saw a dark figure looming. `A’ sat watching her approach with bright, narrow eyes like a big cat waiting for its prey. Even slumped in the chair the tall professional athlete was an imposing figure, and the startled housewife stopped short with a shudder. His jacket and shirt were open and parted wide, revealing sleek, lean-cut skin and muscle. But what stopped her was the sight of the long, thick column rising from his open trousers and laying hard against his flat stomach. She had never seen a man like this before. As she gazed at the huge cock poised and throbbing slightly in front of her, the strong arousal she had felt moments earlier was quickly turning to apprehension. Sensing her hesitancy, A reached his hand out to her. With a calm, low voice he said, “Come, sit with me… Don’t be frightened. Let me please you.” Tentatively she allowed him to take her delicate hand and guide her to sit next to him, but she couldn’t pull her eyes from the coiled steel monster between his legs. Directly across, on the other side of the platform, Osita was also enjoying himself. A’s wife, `F’, took her place next to Urenna’s husband. He smiled at her nervously and noticed that she seemed breathless and slightly agitated. Remembering that she was new to all this too, Osita wondered if she and her husband might be having the same crazy mix of emotions that he was feeling. Observing that her dress and her ornately-styled hair was slightly disheveled, he inquired discreetly, “Are you alright?” She looked him in the eye for the first time and smiled weakly, “Yes . . .I think so. But, Oh my! I certainly didn’t expect anything like this. “Neither did we . . .” he agreed, relieved to know that they shared some common ground. “It’s all pretty strange, isn’t it? But at the same time, I don’t know when I’ve ever been so turned on.” He almost wished he hadn’t said that, but she smiled back at him warmly and he couldn’t help being drawn in by her exotic beauty. Laughing softly, she whispered, “So am I . . .” She was also starting to appreciate the pleasing nature and appealing features of this man she was now seated with. His soft eyes and easy smile, together with the strong jaw and handsome build helped fuel the fire that had been kindled by the show on stage, then fanned to smoldering intensity by the suave former football player at her last seat. Recalling how his hands danced over the tingling softness of her large breasts and jutting nipples, she boldly leaned forward and kissed this new man softly . . .allowing her tongue to instantly melt together with his. Osita groaned in response and his hand instinctively reached out to cup one of her soft breasts swaying freely beneath the colourful scarf-like material of her dress. Easily brushing the fabric aside, his palm came into contact with the warm, moist skin of her heavy breast and he felt a large, rubbery nipple slip between his fingers. “Mmmm . . .Baby, yes!” F broke the kiss and moaned. She began to kiss and nibble his neck and ear while her hand looked for and easily found his swollen meat still peeking out from his open zip. A sharp jolt went down his spine when she scraped his shaft gently with her long fingernails; then, wrapping her smooth fingers around him completely, she pumped her fist up and down languidly. Meanwhile, F’s husband, A, was using all of his willpower to keep from moving too quickly with Urenna. The tasty woman was obviously nervous being with him, but he could also tell that her fuse had been lit and she only needed some artful persuasion to give herself over to his powerful male allure and to her own nee. He knew she was fascinated with his erect cock towering right next to her; although she pretended to watch intently what the couple was doing on stage; he could see her looking at him from the corner of her eye. He finally leaned over and whispered, “You’ve never seen one this big before, have you?” “Never . . .” came the almost choked reply. Realizing she could no longer avoid him, she tentatively turned and gazed directly at his massive tool. “I had no idea that a man could be that large . . .” Her voice sounded almost like a little girl’s to him. She looked like a little girl next to his giant frame.

Author: Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


The 4-Way Voyeurism

We sat infront of the bed on chairs that felt like dining chairs with armrest. I was seated along with Mr. D.A (The man I mentioned earlier who wanted me to sleep with his girlfriends and wife while he watches). I believe the term is Voyeurism, gimme a minute, lemme just confirm that from Google! I think that’s almost it, anyway back to where we were. We were both seated side-by-side, holding glasses filled with wine, in just boxer shorts, about the enjoy the spectacle before us. Two ladies, one slim, the other quite fleshy. Things were starting to get interesting; the slim lady was preparing the fleshy lady. By preparing, I mean cuffing her with those sexy little handcuffs, putting nipples clips on her tits, bounding her mouth with gag-ball. Excitement was in the air, particularly me. It was my first time but there is no way I’m gonna let anyone know that so I kept calm and enjoy my wine like Papa Pope waiting for this to begin. After she was done preparing her, she brought out the black letter whip not koboko, and the environment kept getting better as she began to whip her around the thighs and made her turn by her side and began whipping her ass. The bitter sweet flogging began and it was nice to watch, after a couple of whipping, the really interesting one was about to start. The slim lady brought out the vibrator and it seemed like all hell was about to break loose, she spread her legs further and began it, she pressed is softly at first against the top of her pussy, teasing her along the clitoris, the screams began softly, as the lady continued teasing the electronic shaft back and forth. I could see her bite the gag-ball as she teased her harder and harder, her waist off the bed responding to the thrilling sensation engulfing her inner thighs, almost seemed like she was convulsing. Her body settle slowly back into the bed as the vibrator was switched off, the gag ball was removed as well as the nipple clip. She stretched her hands to me to come over. My dick was getting excited as she called for me. I got up and the moved towards the bed, the plump chic (henceforth known as Bee) got off the bed and slim one (henceforth known as SL) threw me on the bed. The other guy sat in his chair, enjoying the show. As I sank into the soft bed, SL pulled off my short, revealing my already excited dick, as the last piece of clothing on me was off, they began to take position, the SL sat on my face, cowgirl style while the Bee went for my dick, slow and sloppy blowjob. I was glad to join in this foray, kind of seemed like I have waited a while to join in on this, my lips got closer to pussy, I began with light touches, brushing the flat part of my tongue over her pussy, dragging it from the top to the bottom of her pussy. I grabbed SL’s ass and it was one of the softest skins my hands had ever touched. After a couple of licks, I took the tip of my tongue to the fresh folds of the top of her pussy, the layers were so soft and warm. I kept flickering the tip of my tongue against it, till it went deeper and my tongue was in the middle of the folds, the tip rubbing softly in top to down fashion then in circular motion, the sensation from her body. It just feels right been under this Akwa Ibom chic, the reaction I received from my action with her was intense, she was rubbing her pussy against my face while pressing the Bee’s face deeper into my dick, “encouraging” her to deep throat me. It had been a while since I had 2 ladies at time but these ladies were bringing the heat for real. Bee stopped burping her mouth unto my dick and I could feel her strapping a condom on me, then lowered her pussy down my hard dick, I could hear her grunt as her pussy opened up to my fat and hard phallus. It took her a while to get the rhythm of her body with mine, because of how small her pussy was, I could feel my dick opening up her pussy, it filled almost every space within her, it seemed like each time she was coming out, some part of the pussy dragged with it. By this time, the two ladies were facing each other, SL bent forward as her back arched, I don’t know what they were doing but I’m sure as hell that they aren’t holding hands and singing Kumbaya! I hoped it was them kissing or something while I was in this thought, something was happening with my dick, Bee had increased the tempo of the sex, it had moved slightly faster, I was beginning to enjoy it more now. The chic that sat on my face felt like I was enjoying the ride better, so she sorts to choke me with her pussy by pushing it further down my face. I also tried to respond with vigour by putting some of the pussy flesh against the inside of my teeth and plaster my tongue hardly against the soft skin my tongue was facing, this sent her into a spiral mode of enjoyment, as she held my head closer to her orifice, I was been choked out by a pussy when I felt like my dick been swallowed again, it was deep throated that I could feel some tingling at the top of my dick back down her throat. Bee came off and that was it for her, by the time I could see the scene, I found the other guy with his hands down his pants, it felt kinda weird to me but hey, I’m not one to judge. SL had the full package to herself now, and she swiftly moved to the dick, and began with a reverse cowgirl, squatting, the technique was impeccable and neat. It seemed like a work-out for her, as she almost went 90 degrees up before penetrating herself, I was impressed and incredibly turned on. It was fucking amazing, it felt slightly better than that moment when Messi chipped Neuer, absolutely orgasmic. At this stage, I had nothing to do but to watch and be amazed at what she was doing, she did all this with absolutely no noise or fuzz. After doing this, she sat down on me and pulled one of my legs up, hugged the leg and began the nastiest waist movement I HAVE EVER SEEN. It was just like the waist whining that were on the music videos, just on a dick this time around, she held my thigh steadily, and “grind-ed” me into insanity. It was slow and fast, she was magical with the speed, alternating between fast and slow. I looked around the room, and I found the other guy receiving a blow job from Bee with eye fully focused on us. She got up and we changed formation, side by side, she laid in front of me and arched her ass backwards, this was very sensual, and allowed me closer feel of her body as I grabbed her shoulder and pummeled her from behind, it was almost the sweetest. Even if we don’t have sex again, after today, she just climbed into my Top 3 of all time, along with one Igbo chic and one Calabar girl. Holding her body close and giving it from the back slowly made mad sense but it then turned it from having sex to making love while her boyfriend was there. So, I changed it back to fast strokes, and later, I shot a load of cum inside the condom, I disengaged, with sweat all over my body, laid facing the ceiling, she crawled back to my dick, and removed the condom, and was sucking till the guy told her it’s enough, that is the end of the show. I sure wish I could have another go at the lady, she surely made fucking more entertaining to me. I could have gone again but the owner of the property has closed the curtain on the show. I will definitely not forget this for a long time to come.

Author: Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


Edymaniac: The Secret Party (18+) part III

They were ushered into a spacious and ornate dining room where the large table was already set with the first course of a feast that included a vast array of delicious and incredible dishes served by an attentive and courteous staff. The group was seated by their initials at reserved places that separated spouses from each other in order to allow the couples to mix more freely and continue to become acquainted. Urenna and Osita were almost at opposite ends of the massive table. Still, they caught each other’s eye occasionally and silently acknowledged that the food and the company were completely enjoyable. Urenna was secretly thrilled that she had been seated next to ‘K’; the handsome, broad-shouldered man chatted and laughed with her throughout the meal — making her feel almost as giddy as a schoolgirl. As they were finishing a delicious dessert, Mr. Paulinus appeared at the head of the table and rang his bell again. “I trust that you have enjoyed your meal. Has everything been satisfactory?” Everyone around the table glanced at each other smiling and nodding with approval; the meal was indeed excellent. “Fine. . .” Paulinus continued, “Now, as I mentioned earlier, I have some additional instructions to share with you before we present the evening’s entertainment. Those of you who are first-time guests will want to pay particular attention. You will be escorted into the ballroom, where you will be seated together as husband-and-wife couples. When the entertainment begins, you will kindly stay in your assigned seats until the chime sounds. Ladies, when you hear the chime, please move to the next seating area to your left. . .then continue to move to your left to the next area each time the chime sounds. Gentlemen, please remain seated where you are throughout the performance. For our new guests, the purpose of this rotating method of seating is to encourage you to become better acquainted with one another. Hopefully, you have all had the chance to become familiar enough to enjoy the company of whomever you happen to be seated with. You will likely find the entertainment stimulating. Feel free to react naturally to what you will see and hear. However, if you feel uncomfortable at any time, please do not hesitate to excuse yourself and leave the room. We would also ask that you respect unconditionally the wishes or concerns of the other guests. No one shall be required to participate in anything against their will. Is this clearly understood?” Again, the couples looked around at each other and nodded, but this time not quite so enthusiastically. Osita and Urenna glanced nervously at each other, as did ‘A’ and ‘F.’ They all had similar thoughts about the strange nature of these instructions — especially the idea of “stimulating” entertainment and the possibility that someone may be “uncomfortable” with what was going to happen. All these, coupled with the protected identity of the guests and the mystery surrounding their absent host, made this all seem very surreal. But the other couples who had been there before seemed comfortable with what was happening, so the two “new” couples shrugged and nodded slightly in agreement. “Very good,” Paulinus smiled with satisfaction. “Now, if you will follow me to the ballroom.” They made their way down the hallway they had entered through and came to a large set of double doors that opened into a modest-sized room that really looked nothing like a ballroom. The room was furnished and decorated splendidly, like the rest of the mansion, but instead of the expected wooden dance floor, there was thick, luxurious wall-to-wall carpet. Soft music was playing from unseen speakers somewhere, and an amazing assortment of candles flickered everywhere — providing the only light and casting interesting shadows on every surface. In the center of the room was a circular platform or stage — perhaps two feet high and ten feet across — surrounded floor to ceiling by a closed black velvet curtain. The couples were seated with their mates in four comfortable black-leather love seats positioned closely around the stage in exact North, South, East, and West point’s facing the curtain. When everyone was seated, Paulinus stepped back to the doorway and rang his bell one more time. “Ladies and gentlemen, please remember the instructions I gave to you earlier. And now, honored guests, we present for your enjoyment. . .The Newlyweds.” As Paulinus stepped back through the doors and closed them behind him, the volume of the pleasant classical music increased, and the curtain began to rise. Spotlights rigged above the stage faded up and brightly revealed a king-size bed. As the curtain continued to move upward, they saw a pair of shiny black shoes — then tuxedo trousers — and finally, a young man seated in a chair by the bed. When the curtain stopped rising, the group could also see a lovely young woman seated with her legs curled under her on the bed; she was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress and veil. The newlywed couple was young — perhaps 18 or 20 — and they were radiant. He was extremely fit and handsome with dazzling eyes, stylish hair, a dark complexion, and an eager, confident smile. Each of the women in the room felt immediately attracted to him. The bride was just as fresh and alluring. Her dark hair hung almost to her waist, and it contrasted vividly with the brightness of her gown. She reached up and pulled the veil back over her head to reveal the face of an angel — bright eyes flashing with excitement; full, pouting red lips framing perfect teeth; high cheekbones and cute little dimples flushed with excitement. She gazed longingly at her new husband as her generous, swelling breasts rose and fell noticeably within the confines of her lacy bodice. As the party guests watched with fascination, the young girl moved gracefully off the bed and stood before the groom. Slowly she began to move her hips back and forth to the music as she took off the veil completely and tossed it on the bed. Then she removed her long white gloves slowly, one at a time, to start what was the beginning of an obvious strip tease. While she continued to sway her shapely hips, she reached back and grasped the zipper of her dress; unhooking it, she turned her back to her new husband and teasingly drew it down. The young man slumped down in his chair slightly — still grinning from ear to ear. A noticeable bulge was growing in the front of his trousers; again, something none of the women in the room failed to notice. He watched in a happy daze as the pretty bride continued to dance and strip. Soon the top of her dress was down around her slender waist, revealing the sexy white lingerie underneath. With a giggle, she pushed the dress the rest of the way down and stepped out of it along with several layers of petticoat slips. Now the lovely young girl was dressed only in a shiny white tank top — showing off her enticing cleavage, high-cut panties with the dark triangle shadow of her trim bush clearly visible beneath. Still dancing seductively, the bride kicked off her shoes and moved closer to the young man. While he watched her every move, she slowly sank to her knees between his now wide-spread legs. Smiling up at him, she reached out with her dainty hand and ran it up along his thigh until she brushed against the now-straining erection in his trousers. Everyone in the room held their breath as she traced the outline of his impressive manhood with her fingers — gripping and milking it lightly. A soft groan escaped the back of his throat. Urenna sat watching as if hypnotized. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the provocative scene right in front of her. Never in her life had she experienced anything like this. Of course, she and Osita both had seen some pretty steamy soft-core movies, but certainly, nothing compared to the raw emotion of watching two people being intimate with each other in front of a live audience. Urenna didn’t know how to react. Her conservative religious upbringing should make her feel guilty and offended by what she was watching, but she knew that wasn’t the case. She held her husband’s hand tightly — squeezing it in involuntary response to each exciting tingle that shot through her aroused body. Yes, that was it. . .more than anything else, Urenna realized she was highly aroused by what she was seeing. She was already beginning to feel damp between her legs, and she crossed and uncrossed her soft thighs — pressing them together in a reflexive effort to intensify the electrifying pleasure she was feeling. Osita was having a hard time, too — literally. His cock was trying to break free from the confines of his underwear and trousers. With all of the suspicions he had about this party, he certainly hadn’t expected anything like this. He sensed his wife fidgeting next to him as he watched the beautiful young bride on stage slowly unzipping the groom. Both Osita and Urenna shuddered when the girl reached into the opening and withdrew the young man’s naked, throbbing penis. It was a huge fleshy column in her tiny fist. The helmet-shaped head seemed to be swollen and glistening in the intense lights. Slowly the bride began to pump up and down on his shaft. The young man groaned in appreciation — throwing his head back and closing his eyes. A contented smile played across his lips. In response, the girl leaned forward and lightly kissed the slick, bulbous head of his engorged cock. Her bright red lipstick left a slight smudge on his meat as she leaned back and licked her lips as if sampling the taste of him. Then, suddenly, the young woman smiled wickedly and plunged down to engulf his solid shaft with her warm, wet mouth. Almost immediately, she began bobbing her head up and down with youthful abandon — as if she couldn’t wait to make him explode. It was almost more than Urenna could stand. Her nerve endings were already raw and overheated. She could feel her nipples swelling and scraping against the fabric of her bra, and she kept squeezing her thighs together in an effort to quench the burning sensations between her legs. She watched the girl’s loose dark hair fly free as her head bounced up and down on the young man’s lap. Without thinking, Urenna reached her hand over to grasp her husband’s thick, muscular thigh. Osita reacted by placing his hand over hers and urging it to move upward until she felt his pulsing tool in his tented trouser. Urenna wrapped her fingers around the steel-hard shaft through the cloth and began to rub him urgently. Osita returned the favor by placing his arm around his wife’s shoulder and reaching down to cup one of her quivering breasts through her dress. He had no trouble finding the hard point of her sensitive nipple poking out from the fabric. He scraped his fingernail over the turgid nub causing Urenna to gasp and arch her back.

Author: Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


Edymaniac: The Secret Party (18+) part II

Osita came into the bedroom from the shower and couldn’t help feeling like a lucky man. He lustfully admired his wife’s gorgeous features as she dressed — gazing at the twin globes of her soft, round bottom just as she slid her tiny black dress down and over her hips. The dress was tastefully short and showed off her silky-smooth leg. She looked back over her shoulder at him and smiled seductively. “You like?” “Yeah. . .something new?” “Oh. . .just some old rag I found,” she giggled. “Not too expensive.” “Right. . .” he snickered, knowing very well his wife’s expensive taste. “Well, you look fabulous.” “Sir. . .flattery will get you everywhere!” she laughed as she completed her outfit with a short little black jacket. After giving the babysitter some final instructions, Osita and Urenna headed out to find the address. Soon they were winding through the lush landscaping and manicured lawns of the city’s most exclusive area. The gates and walls got higher, and the impressive homes got bigger the farther they travelled up Michael Ogun Street. Finally, they found 22. The sun was setting as they turned through a magnificent iron gate onto a long-paved driveway. Slowly they passed the immense grounds of the estate with giant trees, football-field-sized lawns, and almost every kind of flower, hedges, and shrubbery imaginable. At the end of the driveway was a truly astonishing house that almost looked like a hotel. The architecture was superb. Outdoor spotlights were already casting a soft glow on the giant structure, and a monstrous chandelier hung inside a mammoth archway that served as the entrance. A large fountain was positioned directly in front of the house, and there was a circular gravel drive around the fountain forming the parking area. Several expensive cars were already positioned there, and a uniformed parking valet waited for Osita and Urenna to stop in front of him. “I’ve seen better…” Osita joked, but the couple couldn’t help being impressed by the residence. After giving the keys to the courteous attendant, Osita and his wife made their way up the long walkway to the gigantic front door. Before they could knock, the door swung open, and a handsome young man wearing what looked like a butler’s uniform greeted them with a pleasant smile. “Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. ‘A.’ May I have the password, please?” Urenna and Osita were shocked that this stranger seemed to know them. . .at least by their initial. Osita stared straight into the man’s eyes as if to size him up for a moment. “Royal,” he finally said firmly. “Very good. . .thank you. Please follow me.” The man led them into the house and down a long, dimly lit corridor. The Agbas followed close behind — gazing at the many fine and expensive furnishings and decor of the mansion. At last, they came to a large room that was obviously the library. Each of the walls was stacked from the floor to the high ceiling with a myriad of books neatly arranged on tall oak shelves. Spread throughout the centre of the room were groupings of overstuffed leather chairs and couches for lounging and reading. It was a pretty comfortable and inviting room. Several couples were already mingling and chatting softly. A small staff of waiters served cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Osita immediately scanned the gathering to see if he recognized anyone. All of the guests looked very similar in age; they all seemed to be in their mid-thirties, married, attractive, and well-off. There were three or four couples. . .then Osita suddenly spotted someone he knew; it was Bola — a forex broker friend he often played lawn tennis with. Bola saw him, too and waved with a smile. But before Osita and Urenna could move over to their friend, the butler was in front of them again, holding two jewelry boxes. “A gift from your host. Please put these on and wear them throughout the evening. It is like an identification badge. One of the house rules asks guests not to refer to each other by their given names, but instead to use only initials. . .for privacy. I trust you will respect this simple request.” Again, something strange and mysterious. Osita and Urenna glanced at each other questioningly as they opened the boxes. Inside were golden medallions engraved with the initials of their first names: A. The finely-crafted disks were attached to satin ribbons to hang around the neck. Osita’s ribbon was purple, and Urenna’s was pink. They put the pendants on and made their way toward Bola, or ‘B’ as his medallion identified him. “Welcome, welcome!” he exclaimed, smiling broadly. “I’m so glad you could make it. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.” B gave both of them a warm hug. “You remember my wife, ‘L’. . .” The couples exchanged greetings and hugs. “What’s this all about?” Osita finally asked. “Whose house is this?” “I’m afraid I can’t tell you, my guy. . .” B said, “But you and your wife are in for one helluva great time tonight. You don’t have any idea how hard it is even to be considered for one of these things. I had to pull some serious strings.” “Thanks, I guess. But damn. . .I have so many questions. Who are these people? Osita asked, still confused. “And why is everybody so protective of their privacy? I mean, this only using people’s initials thing is a little strange.” “Trust me,” B chuckled. “All your questions will be answered soon. In the meantime, just relax and enjoy yourselves. Get to know the other guests. Amazing place, huh? You have to admit this is probably not what you were expecting.” “We didn’t know what to expect. . .” Urenna piped up. “But I certainly agree with you. This place is amazing.” “You haven’t seen anything yet! Enjoy yourselves. . .we’ll keep an eye out for you.” B grinned, and his wife winked at Osita as the couple moved off to visit with some of the other guests. Osita watched them go, secretly enjoying the way Bola’s wife looked in her shiny gold dress. Truth be known, Osita had always considered Lolade to be a “looker”; she was taller than Urenna, probably 5-7, with long hair and piercing eyes that seemed to be teasing him whenever they spoke. L had a fantastic figure with big, full breasts and a shapely ass that jiggled seductively in her tight gown as she moved away. Osita watched her go until Urenna noticed where he was gazing and punched him playfully on the shoulder. There were only two other couples in the room. Soon Osita and Urenna met and visited briefly with both. ‘K’ was a big, ruggedly- handsome man who looked like a former basketball player. Rock-solid from head to toe, he shook Osita’s hand firmly, then surprised Urenna by taking her small hand in his huge paw and kissing it lightly. His eyes stared deep into hers as he smiled warmly. Urenna liked his friendly, relaxed manner instantly and couldn’t help fixing her gaze on him as he introduced his wife, ‘P,’ a lovely, tall woman. Osita and P chatted for a few minutes while K turned his attention back to Urenna. “So, this is your first time here, huh? I’m so glad you came,” K said smoothly; everything about him seemed to smile at Urenna. She liked the way the soft lines around his eyes wrinkled slightly when he laughed. There was a slight touch of grey at the sides of his full head of hair, but it just made him look that much more distinguished and attractive, Urenna thought. He really was a good-looking man. “Yes, we are still kind of trying to figure out how we got here,” she answered. “It’s all kind of mysterious, isn’t it? Do you know the hosts?” K laughed with delight. “I’m not sure any of us really know each other very well. We’ve been to one or two of these parties, but, like you said. . .it’s all rather mysterious. That’s what makes it all so exciting. Don’t you agree?” “I suppose, yes, I guess it is kind of exciting. I’m looking forward to finding out what else will happen,” Urenna admitted. “So am I…” said K softly, gazing at her again in a way that almost made her knees weak. The other couple was ‘A’ and ‘F,’ a husband and wife. Like the others at the party, they looked like they were in their thirties and very attractive — almost exotic looking. Osita and Urenna soon discovered that it was this couple’s first time here, too — and they were as mystified as the Agbas.

A, the husband, was also very solidly built and fairly tall — perhaps 6’5″. Osita thought he must be a former sportsperson as well. A’s wife, F, was voluptuous in every sense of the word. She wore a beautiful multi-coloured dress made from a gauzy material that almost looked like scarves tied together; it accentuated her generous curves extremely well, and she caught the eye of every man in the room as she moved gracefully about. After about 30 minutes — when the couples had a chance to introduce themselves and sample some of the excellent champagne and appetizers — a man Urenna and Osita had not seen before stepped quietly into the library. He was large, muscular, and completely bald, and he was wearing a uniform similar to the butler who had met them at the door. The man moved to the middle of the small group and rang a little bell to get their attention. “Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of your host, may I offer you the warmest greetings and appreciation for attending the party. My name is Mr. Paulinus. I have been asked to represent the estate owner, who sends his deepest regret that he cannot join you personally tonight. But I have been instructed to extend to you, his dear guests, every courtesy and to provide for your every need while you are with us. Some of you are here for the first time. To you in particular, we extend our warmest greetings and sincere wish that you will enjoy a most memorable evening. In a few moments, dinner will be served in the dining room next door. Afterwards, some very special entertainment has been arranged for you in the ballroom. Prior to that, however, I will have some additional information and instructions to share with you. As you enjoy dinner, please remember to respect the request to use only the initials on your medallions as you visit with and refer to one another. Thank you for your cooperation. And now, ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served…”

Author: Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


Edymaniac: The Secret Party (18+) part 1

The invitation arrived with a card on Wednesday. At first, Urenna dismissed it, thinking it was another bank promo. But just as the attractive young housewife was about to toss the envelope in the trash, something about it caught her attention — there was no stamp. The expensive white envelope also had no address; it simply was a glossy white envelope with an embossed gold label reading: ‘Mr. & Mrs. Agba. . .Confidential. Now curious, Urenna put the other mail down and carefully opened the thick flap and removed the heavy gold-embossed card. She turned it over, looking for any signs of familiarity or recognition about the sender before she slowly read the cursive message: ‘You have been recommended by a close but anonymous personal acquaintance to receive this invitation to attend a very exclusive private party. The occasion cannot be discussed at this time. . .except to assure you that any concern or reservation you may have about the legitimacy of this greeting is unwarranted. This is no gimmick or advertisement. Similarly, any and all expectations you might have about the evening will surely be exceeded. In many respects, this invitation represents the most intimate of opportunities for you as husband and wife. The party will be held on the First Day of June at 9:00 p.m. sharp. Dress code is semi-formal. Due to the exclusive nature of this invitation, your immediate attention is critical. Please RSVP to the phone number below at your earliest convenience. You will be given additional details at that time. I look forward to the pleasure of your company. Regards, Your Host’ How mysterious, Urenna thought. She turned the card over again a few times, trying to find any clues about its origin, but there was nothing. Finally, she sighed and put the invitation aside with the intention of discussing it with her husband when he arrived home from work. Osita and Urenna Agba enjoyed a typical, upper-middle-class lifestyle in the city. Both in their thirties, the couple was attractive and outgoing. Urenna enjoyed her role as a full-time housewife and mother of two beautiful daughters. Osita’s career as an investment banker was just starting to take off. And while the family was not wealthy yet, they were certainly very comfortable in their beautiful, upscale home in a quiet neighbourhood with many families of similar backgrounds. The Agbas were friendly and fairly social, but since the girls came along, Osita and Urenna remained at home with their kids more often than not — only occasionally going out with a small circle of friends. . .or a rare husband and wife date. In fact, life had settled into a sort of vanilla-flavoured routine without much variation. It’s not something that Urenna or Osita really noticed or even minded. But, every once in a while, both entertained secret fleeting thoughts that perhaps it would be nice to spice things up a little. Even in the bedroom, the relationship was normal and satisfactory for the married couple. They made love regularly — usually on the weekends –, and they both shared devotion and affection for each other. There had never been any major problems or obstacles in the marriage, so there had never been any reason for either to consider infidelity. Still, if you were to ask Osita and Urenna to be honest and direct, both would admit that something was missing in their lives — something that neither of them could really identify or explain. “I have no clue what this is about,” Osita said as he looked over the invitation that evening. “Probably some sales or real estate trap. . .or maybe one of those GNLD things. But no postmark or return address, huh? That’s strange.” “I know. . .” Urenna agreed. “It was at the door, though. You think somebody hand-delivered it?” “Probably. . .I dunno. What do you think? Guess it wouldn’t hurt to at least call and find out what the deal is. I would like to find out who sent it.” Urenna had been thinking about the card on and off all day. The possibility that the invitation was legitimate had certainly crossed her mind, and, quite honestly, the idea was exciting. It had been ages since they attended a real party. An elegant, “exclusive” gathering they could dress up for might be just what the doctor ordered. “Sure, might as well see what it’s about. . .” she finally said. Osita dialed the number, and a deep male voice immediately answered, “Yes. . .?” “This is Osita Agba. I received an invitation for a party, and…” “Yes, of course Mr. Agba,” the voice cut him off. “Thank you for your quick response. We sincerely hope you and your wife do not have any conflicts that evening. May I confirm your attendance?” “Hold up!” Osita shot back, slightly annoyed. “I have a few questions. What is all this about? Who are you, and how did you get my name? You should know upfront that we are not interested in any sales pitches or opportunities. . .” “I assure you, Mr. Agba, that the festivities have absolutely nothing to do with sales or marketing. In fact, nothing will be required of you other than your presence. The pleasure of your company is all that is expected. This is a very exclusive party that you and your wife have been specifically recommended for and invited to attend. You should feel privileged. I’m confident you will thoroughly enjoy the evening.” “Who are you and who recommended us?” “I’m afraid that information is confidential, to protect the valued privacy of our guests. I can only say that it is someone you trust.” “I don’t like surprises. . .” Osita said sharply. “This all sounds a little strange.” “I understand your trepidation, Mr. Agba. Please understand that you have nothing to be concerned about. This will be a most enjoyable evening for both or you. . .perhaps the most unique and entertaining experience you will ever have. Now, may I confirm your reservation?” “Hang on a sec…” Osita placed his hand over the mouthpiece and looked over at his wife, who had been listening carefully to his side of the conversation. “He says it’s all legit and that we’ll have a great time. But he won’t say who he is or why we were picked to go. I dunno. . .what do you think?” “Sounds kind of creepy. . .but also sort of intriguing, you know? I guess we could always leave if it’s a scam,” Urenna said thoughtfully. “What do we have to lose?” Osita considered it for a moment, then uncovered the phone. “Yeah, OK, we’ll confirm our attendance. But this better not be a scam. When is it again?” “June the First at 9 p.m. And may I congratulate you both on your decision? Drinks and dinner will be served, followed by entertainment. Please be prompt. As the invitation suggests, the dress is semi-formal. Do you have something to take down the location?” “Yeah. . .hang on. OK, go ahead.” “The address is 22 Michael Ogun Street. Are you familiar with the area?” Osita immediately recognized a very affluent section of the city. He did have several acquaintances and clients who lived there. “All right, I know where that is.” “Good. When you arrive, you will be asked for a password. This is simply to ensure privacy and to prevent admittance to any uninvited guests. The password is ‘Royal’. Please do not share the information — the password or the address — with anyone. Is this completely understood and agreeable to you?” “Yes. . .I think so,” Osita answered — a million thoughts swirling in his head. He was still suspicious. “Fine,” said the voice. “You will be pleased you attended. You and your wife will have a wonderful experience. Again, we look forward to the pleasure of your company. Good evening.” The line went dead. Osita and Urenna discussed the strange events for a long time. Osita was still fairly convinced that the whole thing was some kind of scam. While Urenna shared her husband’s hesitancy, she also allowed herself to think about the excitement of a lavish night out privately. It sounded fun and exotic, and she was already making plans to shop for a new outfit. Everyday life took over, and the couple all but forgot about the party. Urenna did manage to schedule a babysitter and slip out one day to buy a nice dress and a few accessories. When the day finally arrived, the young housewife splurged on a full makeover at an expensive spa and salon. She emerged feeling refreshed and pretty — her hair and makeup were styled to perfection, and she felt exhilarated about the evening to come. Osita had been doing some half-hearted investigation about the party, trying to discover anything about who had sent the invitation or which of their friends had recommended them. But he was drawing a blank; nobody knew about it, and finally, he resigned himself to the fact that he would just have to find out what was going on when he got there. Later that evening, Urenna stood in front of a full-length mirror, getting ready. She had picked up some new underwear at the boutique — a black satin thong-panty and bra set — which she admired on her petite, trim body. Urenna was indeed a beauty: 5’4″ with soft curls turned under at the ends to frame her pretty face. Tonight, her hair was swept up behind her ears to her favourite antique comb clip, then cascading down in a fall past her slender neck to her shoulders. Her eyes were dark and fiery. At 33, Urenna kept herself in fantastic shape with lots of exercises and a sensible diet. She had fresh, soft features that made her face look much younger than her years — almost girlish; yet her figure was alluring and womanly with high, firm breasts that strained against the encasement of the shiny bra. Her stomach was flat and tight, and her naturally brown skin glowed.

Author: Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


Found out my wife is a lesbian

Me (34m) and my wife (32f) have been together for 10 years, married for 7, and I think I never loved someone so much in my entire life. We met when we were still in college and became friends really quick. She was never really open about sexuality in general, but once I started to flirt with her, to my surprise, she was receptive. In one of our first dates, she told me the reason why she never talked about it was because she had a very low libido, and a few years in the relationship she said she was asexual (at the time I didn’t even knew what that was), and it actually made a lot of sense to me. We build an entire life together. We have a 5-year-old doggo that it’s my best friend in the whole world. We just bought our first house and we are both financially stable. We don’t have sex as often as other couples do, but there are occasions where it happens, like on holidays, my birthday, whenever something really nice happens, and those rare days when she surprises me. The fact that it’s such an uncommon thing really makes it all more pleasurable, and I always felt like I was in heaven every single time that we were intimate. But now it just seems like I was living under a spell this whole time. It started when I begin to notice how often I would catch her masturbating. I always thought that I was just imagining this because every time it seemed like she was trying to hide from me. I was always confused because she could literally ask me any time for sex that she knew I would do it, but instead she would lock herself in the bathroom or do it when I was out. One day I was looking at her Instagram and decided to check on who she fallowed (I was never curious enough to do that), and to my surprise, she was fallowing a lot of (mostly) more masculine lesbians. She always had lesbian friends and that never really bothered me, but since I saw that I started to get more paranoid that she was cheating with one of them. I let that stay in my head for months until I gathered enough courage to talk to her. And her reaction was nothing like I expected. She broke down crying, talking about how bad of a person she was and that she never wanted to put me in a situation like this. She went on about how she hated herself for hiding all of these years, how her family would treat her like garbage (they are extremely religious, so much that I thought it had to do with her repulsion towards sex) and how she didn’t want to lose me but knew that if I found out the truth, I wouldn’t want to look her in the face. And the truth is… I don’t know. I was so speechless that I just stood there. I still don’t know how to express what I’m feeling. Sad? Angry? Desperate? Heartbroken? I don’t fucking know. I love this woman. She was there for me when I discovered my cancer, she was the shoulder I leaned on when my mom died, she was the person that stayed awake all night when all I could do was cry myself to sleep from grief. She is my best friend, the person that know every side of me, that knows how to make me smile more than anyone else. The fact that I can’t even look at her right now makes my skin crawl. Not even in our worst fights we would stay like this. It’s been 3 days and I don’t know what to do. I’m not going to my family’s Christmas because I don’t have the energy. She is locked in her room all day and only comes out to eat. We are in opposite sides of the house not talking to each other. I don’t even know how I’m capable of even creating this account to post this, but I don’t know what to do. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can’t even think. The fact that she spent a third of her life hiding who she is, being forced to have sex with a man, just makes me disgusted with myself. I can’t imagine how miserable I would be if I was in this situation. I can’t imagine a life without her, but I don’t think that things will ever be how they were.

EDIT: this post got a lot more attention than I thought it would. I would like to say that I’m really grateful for all of the advice, and I’ve been reading your replies the whole day trying to figure out what to do. I’m now staying at a hotel. I thought about talking to her like a lot of you suggested, but right now I don’t even know if I would be able to. I’m not sure of how long I’m staying here, but for now it’s the best option for me. I’ll try to reply to your comments now, and again, thank you. A lot of you also shared your similar experiences and they really helped me organize my feelings. I’m still a mess, but definitely better.


Hello there! It’s been a while but I feel like everyone that helped me deserved a update on how things are going since I made the post. First, I would like to thank all of you who responded and sent me messages, it really helped me think more clearly. We got divorced a month after the post, it still took me some time to understand how things would be since we shared basically everything in life. In the end we ended up selling the house. I’m currently living with a friend of mine until I find a nice place for me and my dog since he is quite big and needs more space. I’m doing actually really good, even after everything. Our last face to face conversation happened a few days after the post. I was staying at a hotel and she was the one that called me and asked to talk. It was not easy and I might have said some things that I honestly regret right now, but I needed that. I asked for a divorce that night. We still call each other eventually to ask how things are going, and I know a lot of people suggested that I should cut her out completely, but it’s not that simple. That woman was there with me in my hardest moments, and that confession was hard for her as well. I don’t think I can forgive her for what she did to me, but I can’t just deem her as this horrible person some people said she was. As for her, she is living in an apartment in another city now. I don’t know anything about her love life and honestly don’t really want to. As far as I know she still didn’t come out to her family, but a few of her friends are aware and are there for her. I think this is what I have for now. And again, thank you a lot for helping me!

Sexcapade with Akwa Ibom Nympho

So, we’ve been talking for a while now after I butted into her discussion with the make-up seller on the mall floor at The Palms, Lekki. I joked about her buying too little make-up at the stand despite her bag seemingly big looking, and then the conversation just sort of grew from there. I was expecting her to be rude but no she wasn’t, she saw the joke in it, and found it funny. Isn’t it beautiful when you find someone who understands and speaks sarcasm just like you? And after she was done, we walked around the mall, looking for what else she wanted to buy. I became a willing mall-buddy, trashing things I didn’t like while we laughed at the situations, then settled down for some ice cream where she revealed, she just moved to Lagos for a short time job, and she had no friends really here. Asking me to be a friend, I couldn’t resist because she is hot, and what’s more she’s from Akwa Ibom, and you know what those people in that area are notoriously known for. I was there only to buy a new mouse for my laptop. I hate working without a mouse and as my long-serving mouse went kaput earlier today. I had no option than to go the Palms to pick up. I had to cut our impromptu semi-date short because it was afternoon, so I dropped her off, got her number and picked her somewhere she can get back to work safe. There are sometimes when things just click on the first time, and if I can see how things are going, I may be lucky very soon. And as I thought things were, so they became. After a couple of days of chatting and calls, I went to see her at a high rise in Dolphin estate, that’s when I got lucky. It was in the dark, there was no light, she hopped into my car with a loose bum short, and a singlet. It was then I decided to be adventurous, it was dark and no one was watching, so when we kissed, my hand went down from her holding her face to gently caressing her boobs, she didn’t resist, and she moaned a little into my mouth. So, I intensified the kiss and the boob caress. The adventure with my hands continued, my hands went down and then found the way into her pussy, the skin was soft and wet down there. Softly, I began to rub the clitoris, and that seemed to be like the unlock key as her legs opened further. While I was busy fingering her, I stopped kissing her since her moans had increased, and focused my energy on working her clit while looking side to side, to see if anyone can see what is going on in the car. The real jackpot was when I inserted two fingers in there and then began to dig in more and more. She began twisting her waists, eyes shut, face looking at the roof of the car, moans increasing, her hand holding my hand closer to her pussy. Typically, I like to play matches on home turf, not away. Like you know in football, away matches are tougher but the victories are sweeter but going to the back seat to finish things may not happen. After a while, I unzipped my trousers, and she got her hands on it as fast as she could. She was aroused right now, and after all the intense fingering, she felt maybe something should go my way as well. I ain’t gonna complain. So, I relaxed my mind and enjoyed her wet mouth over my dick. At this point, the time was after 11 and the next day was a working day but I didn’t give a shit, I’m getting my dick sucked in the car. I can call in sick to work the next day. Her hands and mouth were all over my dick as she spat against it, stroked it. She stopped, looked at me, and said “I think we have had enough fun today”. I agreed, she kissed me, re-arranged her outfit while I tucked my dick back in my trousers, and drove home. Thinking about the girl all the way to my house. We continued our chat but we didn’t see again for another week or so. She refused for us to see, I thought she was dodging me but I got a message that said, I should come to pick her up, that she’s lonely and everyone in her flat has gone to their boyfriend’s house. So, right now, I’m guessing I’m her Lagos boyfriend, I didn’t mind the title. I went to pick her up on my way home from work. We went to get food before heading home, and like a child with ice cream, I was already thinking about how the night was going to turn out. We got home, and things didn’t escalate like I thought it would, but it wasn’t so bad either. We changed and had our baths, and when we got into bed. Naturally, I tried to initiate things, but all I got was a kiss and back turn with a warning that all she wanted to do is cuddle and sleep. I and my boner were seriously disappointed, she looked at me and asked if I wanted her to help me with the boner. Who am I to refuse, then she gave me a better version of the head from the car. But this time around, I was relaxed, I’m not bothered about anyone catching us or looking at us. She sat up and bent closer to my dick, I felt her warm hand on my dick, it was erect waiting for the next piece of action, as her mouth descended over my dick, she took the cap in her mouth, sucking it, and rolling the tip of her tongue over the most sensitive area of my dick. She rubbed her hands over the shaft but the main concentration was on top of the dick. It felt so damn good, she teased me endlessly, and I was wondering what the heck she learned all of this from. My body was teasing and turning, as she continued to pile it on, and then I informed her that I was cumming, she jerked the shaft and made sure the cum spread on her boobs. I felt so relieved after that nut, what could make it more insane will be to have sex but she wasn’t in the mood. She left to clean up, and since the cum had stained her singlet she wore to bed, she removed it and got back into bed shirtless. She came back into bed, backing me again, I pulled her back into me, and cuddled her, kissing her ears while my hands were cupping her boobs. She replied again that she doesn’t want to have sex this night, so I told her, how about head. Something about one good turn deserves another. She smiled and laid on her back. I went in for a kiss, with my hand gently caressing her boobs, and slowly twisting her nipples. She moaned slowly, then I began to kiss other parts of her body trailing it down to her pussy, passing through her shoulder blades, earlobes, her nipples, licking through her under boobs, to her navel and just over the top of the pussy. Then I began to tease her pussy, licking all over the sides of the pussy, the tip of the tongue drawing lines around the flesh that surrounds the pussy before I took a gentle tongue swipe over the entire pussy from bottom to the top. My first introduction to her orifice, without separating the flesh, I kissed and licked it then I began with the tip of my tongue running beneath and at the top, I changed to the flat part of my tongue as it invaded her pussy towards the top slightly stimulating the clitoris as a gentle breeze. Her moans then increase as she opened her leg wider then I go to town in between her legs, using my fingers to expose the clitoris then I began to tease, her body begins to respond which is when she pushed off my head, shutting her leg, kissed me and said good night. I couldn’t believe she just let it go like that, she could have more of a good time but she just didn’t want to have sex.  I was disappointed but I didn’t complain. I went to bed, I was into the long game so I’m sure soon we will have sex. I didn’t have to wait long because a couple of hours later, she didn’t wake me up, but she woke my dick up, sucked it, and the sweet sensation woke me up, she was sucking it like her life depended on it but I felt like she wanted it erect. When it got hard enough, she asked me for a condom, I pointed to the drawer next to the bed, she grabbed, and strapped it on herself, I was watching like a third party there. Like everything with her, I’m always the spectator, she climbed on top, and slowly lowered her pussy into my dick, and began to bounce up and down over the dick, and moaning. Her hands on my chest, as her waist went into auto-pilot mode. Jeez, it was so fucking intense being the recipient of being intensely fucked. I’m the one who usually does this, I guess I’m collecting my pension, being served is mad fun. Just like Fast and Furious, I thought she was in last gear. Oh No! She wasn’t! She backed me into a reverse cowgirl situation, she is riding me but this time around she is backing me, and then she went to town on my dick, even better than when she faced me. Her back was so perfectly toned that I wondered if this is the exercise that helped her tone her waist. She fucked me so hard till she collapsed with my dick still buried in her, she came multiple times. She rested a bit then went into the bathroom. I vowed to myself that the next time we fuck, it’ll be me fucking her not the other way around. This has been one hell of a night. Work went intensely well the next day, and the look of this girl will never give you the impression that she can work a dick. I’m thankful for this Akwa Ibom Nympho!

Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


Deolu Oniranu Inna Orgy in Lagos

If you’re wondering how Nigerian orgies look like, this is how the one I attended looked like, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I’m sure no one is wondering why I would attend an orgy, it goes without saying. I mean the name is Oniranu. Orgies, threesomes, and anything sex have always been right up my alley. I had been looking forward to orgies and stuff ever since I started this new life. If you’ve been to one in Nigeria or planning to attend one here, then maybe my experience may resonate with you or help you make up your mind if you want to join one. I got introduced into a rather naughty Whatsapp group by a female follower on Twitter that I got quite close to. The babe was really wild, and I was glad she was, she was fully into BDSM which is amazing, as I was looking to venture into that direction, always more exciting when you can get help. I got a live show of that, but that story will be for another day. Maybe there are some parts of BDSM that I don’t mind at all, some of those clips of BDSM are unwatchable. Watching her use the ball gag, nipple clip, and a vibrator was intensely satisfying. Back to the naughty Whatsapp group, it’s for the sex-minded people. Joining the Whatsapp group is easy but requires constant credit sharing to the female members. To join, the user is required to send their nude. When a guy joins the group, he sends a picture of his dick, preferably hard, sort of like a screening process, and before I continue, fake pictures like internet nudes are frowned upon, and it can cause the user to be expelled from the group. Moving on, for the lady, she has to upload nudes of her boobs and pussy, and on a regular, put-up provocative pictures of herself which I guess is why they routinely get free airtime on their phones. So, that’s how that goes down, the group is just how you guess, it’s all about sex, sex, and sex. Everything around it, it’s a daily affair where people discuss sex positions, what they enjoy and stuff like that. Group administration is rotated among users weekly to keep it entertaining but there is a Chief Administrator, usually the owner of the group. Orgies are part of the group benefits, members are asked to pitch in money for these exclusive party where some of these ladies from the group show up. That happens every quarter. I was excited like a little kid about to wear Christmas clothes when planning for the next one started. The date for the party was announced, then I began preparing, doing waist exercises, and drinking all sorts of things, the truth about orgies is that it’s not a place to go and be a one-minute man, leave that shit in your private room or stay out. There will be people there and you may have to slit your own throat to rid yourself of the shame. Hence, bottles of Ale, Jedi, and almost everything in the male sexual vitality herb lady went into the mix like Olamide’s science student experiment. Right around that time, I read about how Kegels are great for men, to control ejaculation. I felt prepared, but the venue wasn’t revealed. It was like some KGB/CIA spy fiction thing. The group admin was holding details about the venue like it’s the new iPhone but leaving news about it circulating around the group to build up the excitement. It was my first orgy so I hit up a couple of guys and girls privately about their availability. They all promised to show up on that day, those ones that I continually had private chats with. A day before that time, I got the address to the place in Ikeja, and the rest of the details more importantly no pictures or recordings should be made. It was an overnight thing, damn. I thought it would be a 3-hour thing but it was an all-nighter. Instead of getting there on time, I waited till 11 pm, you don’t wanna get there early and be the person people call up for the address and shit, No, stay back as long as possible, but not too long that everything is gone, or everyone is tired Luckily, the venue was somewhere around Salvation in Ikeja, a serviced 3 bedroom apartment on the fourth floor. There was a special knock, and I didn’t hear people screaming in pleasure, so I thought I was in the wrong place but people of God I wasn’t. When the door opened, It was loaded with naked people talking, and some dancing. I knew I didn’t miss the address. I was still looking around when I saw some guy getting head on the couch, and all types of boobs, another girl was riding a guy somewhere in the corner. On the table was all sorts of alcohol with mixers and empty glasses, something more prominent was the number of condoms in the tray. They were a lot. As I walked in, the admin pointed to my items of clothing, I got the message immediately, everyone there was naked asides me. I’m not particularly shy about my naked looks, but not 100 percent comfortable but what the heck, everyone else was naked. The thing about orgies is that you may think you’re endowed but when you see what other people are packing that can range from toothpaste cylinder to insecticide-can sized dick, and some as ridiculous as a potato, you’ll be humbled. Mine shriveled up a bit, like a stack of coins, which is normal, it’s definitely a high-pressure area. The size of the junk and performance is up for performance appraisal, who knows what the results will be. Good thing there was no one knew I was the Deolu Oniranu since my connect also didn’t show up, so to them, I was just another randy guy looking for a good time. It was a fucking house, literally. Some people were playing games amidst this craziness. It was just a lot of things going on at the same time, also some were cooking in the kitchen as well, those ones had shorts on. So, it was get something to eat, gather energy then burn it while fucking, it was a simple flowchart, not complicated whatsoever. After a brief internal battle, I did away with my clothes as well, but I wasn’t all that bad, the guys that were more endowed than me would have been at most five guys. Five guys too many sha. I got seated, and introduced myself to some people who were busy, I called myself Segun; another pseudo-identity. I sat in between people who were talking about stuff from the group. On the same couch as me, was this hot lady, who was rubbing my laps which I didn’t mind. Maybe this is how they welcome people, you become public property when you come in here. At that point, it felt like getting into an Owambe party, looking around at everyone eating and it seems like it’s not their first plate. The next instinctive thing to do is get your own first round, the lady besides will be my first round, so her touching was highly welcome. Before I continue, just like clubbing in Nigeria, the people you see are the same everywhere you go unless you’re the newbie there, this was what I noticed, there was camaraderie which means this isn’t their first time. They were buddies who had done these things before probably several times. I was the new dick in this room, and because of that the lady I was sitting with, took the liberty of being the first lady to ‘chop’ the new food. I didn’t mind, she took it further and began to blow me, while the admin stood there trying to have a conversation with me. I just wanted to enjoy the head show before me. She was seated beside me when it started, and the guy kept complaining to me about the traffic situation in Lagos, I wanted to tell him off but the Bible says, Wisdom is more profitable to direct, to ensure I get these invites, I have to play nice even if it’s to discuss with him while this pretty lady had my dick in her mouth, so be it. The head was pretty good then it got intense, then she got off the chair and knelt between my legs to give it her full attention. As a reward for a good job, I massaged her skull, after a few minutes, she stood and went to get a condom, and then cat-walked back to me. At this point, I had already deleted the shy part of me. She strapped me on, I was kind of feeling like Eddie Murphy in Coming To America, the bathtub scene. I enjoyed the service. She rode me till I orgasmed. It wasn’t too short neither was it long either. Enough not be called a one-minute man, and also not too long that she notices the sex is too long. I stood up to go flush down the condom myself, you cannot be too careful with these things. I stepped into one of the rooms which I hadn’t been and it was like another world. I was shocked because, in this room, everything was like a hundred times hyper. There were multiple threesomes going on in there, and some guys even in the queue to join. It freaking looked look the Tag team of WWE, Rick Flair & Shawn Michaels or some weird shit like that. I was shocked… oh my geezus! The two ladies with several guys around them didn’t seem bothered about the number of dicks surrounding them. There was this guy with a dick that looked like a multi-plug extension box on the queue licking his lips. Jeez! I felt like my mouth was ajar. It looked like a typical scene of Bangbros, guys holding their dicks while waiting on their ‘set’. Shining their konko. I went into the bath of the ensuite room, and I found another couple with the lady bent over the porcelain basin sink, getting it hard and rough from the back. Literally, fucking was going on everywhere… I went into the other room in the house, where I saw some ladies giving each other head while some guys just sat there watching with their dicks in their hands, stroking it lightly. Exquisite sight, these ones were into voyeurism I rushed into the bathroom, filled the condom with water then dropped it into the water closet, then flushed, condom = disposed. Now like an Owambe party, after the first plate of food at the party, you then want to eat what you really like. I always had a fetish of joining gangbang so the next room is my ideal destination but this show with the ladies is interesting. I sat and continued to watch which was I realized why women were better at head than guys, she worked it like a badass, she had the other lady screaming all through but on some action, she would wail. I noticed I was getting excited too. I headed for the gangbang room. I stood in the queue, watching the girls take it all asides anal, one in their mouth, another behind them. Guys stood around, condoms already strapped on waiting on their time to get thrust away. We all stood in the queue with the time ticking in our mind as to when it’ll be our turn, no small talk, enjoy the scene, and wait your turn. Similar to waiting at the bank on a long queue with your withdrawal slip in hand, only this time, it’s with your dick in your hand. It got to my turn and I thrusted away, I felt like a porn star, she wanted spanks, so I threw that in as well. I was feeling like Lex Steele, when my time was up, I pulled out too and got on the queue for the other lady. It kept going round and round, the integrity of the queue was assured, no one jumped the queue, everyone respected the order. Eventually, I came for the second time and decided I’m done, this will be my first of many, no use burning out just yet. I took a quick bath, dressed up, went back to the living room to gist with some of the other guys at about 3 AM, then crashed a bit till 5.30 to drive back home. It wasn’t bad at all. That was how I got introduced to orgies in Nigeria.

Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


You should be grateful your girl washes her vulva in your bathroom before sex

We’re not using your old Nike socks like a new meme implies, but yeah, every now and then, we freshen up with whatever soap you’ve got lying around. And if it makes us smell like pomegranate Dial, so be it. Pussy can smell like a lot of things. I don’t need to list them out for you. But according to one set of memes, it often smells like a particular object: whatever hand soap you have atop your bathroom sink.  As the trope goes, some women are washing themselves with hand soap in the bathroom of a hookup’s house before intimacy ensues. A rendition going around this week shows a crude drawing of a woman with one leg propped up on the sink, scrubbing herself with a photoshopped-in Nike sock and pomegranate Dial hand soap. The drawing is a familiar feature of these memes, seemingly designed to describe this exact scenario. The Nike sock and the specific hand soap, however, are new inclusions. They’re referencing a viral screenshotted set of text messages of a guy texting one of his friends about how a woman came over to his house and washed herself in his bathroom with the duo. “Why this bitch come over last night n washed her pussy with the hand soap and my fucking Nike sock bro,” the message begins. “Slept in my bed the whole night knowing she balled my sock up and put it under my sink. As soon as she took them panties off, I instantly smelled pomegranate.” Why the sock had to be involved in this scenario is something I cannot explain. A hand towel would have been a better choice, or even toilet paper — whoever this woman is, she went rogue. That said, women aren’t collectively washing themselves with socks. Apparently, though, the hand soap thing is real. When one meme about it was posted on the subreddit r/NotHowGirlsWork, many women admitted that they do actually do this. “Uhhh… this is exactly how girls work,” one said. “I’ve done that,” admitted another. “But isn’t that common courtesy? To get cleaned up when you’re a little sweaty?” Frankly, she’s right — it is common courtesy! Anyone should be glad for clean genitals before sex, and sock notwithstanding, men should be grateful. Proud of themselves, even. While it’s really nothing more than a sign that a woman is concerned about how she tastes or smells at the moment, it could also indicate two other possibilities. The first is that you hit her up on short notice and she decided she did want to fuck despite not having time to shower. The second is that she decided to meet up with you, but thought she wouldn’t want to have sex and therefore didn’t prepare ahead of time. Luckily for you, she changed her mind and wants to scramble to make herself presentable for you. Regardless, bow down. As I mentioned, pussy can smell like a lot of things. Hand soap is obviously one of the milder possibilities, and really not that much of an inconvenience. That said, fragranced, antibacterial soaps are notably not great for vulvas, and can trigger infections and irritation in some. So, you should be doubly grateful that she’d take that risk for you. Men should honestly do the same thing! The sock guy is right to be disturbed by his scenario, but others should be a liiiiiiittle more tactful here (this includes making sure your bathroom has washcloths and toilet paper so she doesn’t have to reach for your socks). Do you wanna have sex with the woman or not? Grow up and keep the fact that you recognize the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena scent to yourself.


The riveting, intimate world of ‘cuck text’

It’s one thing to post videos and photos of cuck relationships, but for some on Reddit, the text messages surrounding such arrangements feel far more erotic. You open your phone to see a text from an unknown number. In the message is a video of your beloved wife riding a mystery man, shot POV-style. Are you angry? Of course not — if you switch over to your messages with your wife, there’s a long exchange between the two of you where she talks about meeting a guy at a bar, with you encouraging her to go to his place. Soon after receiving the video, she texts you about how she can’t wait to get home for you to get your turn. While you wait, you giddily share this perfect example of your hotwife relationship to Reddit, where thousands of people will be soon served with an intimate snapshot of this part of your life. On subreddits like r/hotwifetexts, people post and seek screenshots that document cuck relationships like these. But rather than simply sharing porn on the topic, members specifically want to see the text messages that shape these dynamics as they unfold in real life. The fetish here is twofold — it’s both the topic of conversation and the voyeuristic thrill of peering into someone else’s relationship. r/HotWifeTexts, which has more than 161,000 members, is one of the main venues for this type of erotica (though cuck texts can also be found on other hotwife/cuckold subreddits, old Tumblr accounts like TextMessageMan, Imgur and Pornhub). Devoted exclusively to screenshots of text messages between a cuck and his hotwife — or between a hotwife and her bull — the subreddit mostly offers verbal content, but the texts often include nudes or Snapchat images, too. That said, actual porn is prohibited. It’s the context of a sex act that matters most here, not just the actual act itself. There are six categories of posts in the sub: Cheating, hotwife, cuckold and “fantasy” versions of all three. Those tagged “fantasy” are intended to be understood as fictional, while untagged posts are meant to be interpreted as real. It’s unclear whether everyone involved in the “real” text messages consents to being shared on the subreddit, and there’s no rule asking posters to prove consent, either. The tags are meant to separate fantasy from reality, but the posts are nearly indistinguishable — plenty of those labeled as real could be from porn, or otherwise fabricated for the sake of sharing them on the subreddit. Still, members of the group seem to have little preference either way, so long as it looks like an honest text message exchange. Popular posts include Snapchats of women performing blow jobs allegedly sent to boyfriends by the person receiving the blowjob, or screenshots between a woman and a guy she’s excited to sleep with, sent to her husband to make him jealous as well as the sensitivity and mutual desire the relationship style requires. As such, we ultimately feel much closer to the action than we would with a simple photo or video of two people fucking. Another essential part of the fantasy is the idea that we’re viewing an intimate exchange through our phones, communicating in the same way that most of us do every day. It’s so perfectly mundane that it’s believable, and therefore, relatable. But it also points to the extent to which we’ve become absorbed by our phones. It’s not enough that fetishists are presented with the narrative of a cuckold dynamic in the form of a written story, video or photos. Instead, the texting component is integral to the horniness of it all — it makes a fantasy scenario like cucking feel accessible. Though, whether it’s accessible to you might be a whole different story.


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