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I typically am open to outcalls and after last night I’m rethinking it. I’ve done countless outcalls over the past 2 years and have been lucky enough to not run into a bad situation. Plus, I am a full size girl and can defend myself which is another reason I typically don’t feel uneasy doing an Outcall. Anyways last night I have a client book for 3 hours. This is someone I have seen once before at their home for an hour and things went smoothly. Not amazing right but smoothly enough to book again. This second session was NOTHING like the first. For starters this client has the sort of locks that require a key on both sides to enter and exit. I hadn’t noticed this the first visit. Next, this client literally wants to bust nuts the ENTIRE session. But wants me to mostly be on top doing all the work and wants me to over exaggerate my pleasure/talk dirty. After he has already busted 3 times he stops to ask me “I just want to ask and it’s probably a no, but how many more condoms do we have to use before we don’t have to use any anymore?” I just looked at him like you can’t be fucking serious dude. This client also has cats. I am allergic to cats. The first visit went smoothly and I just had to take Benadryl once I got home to stop the reaction. This time about 90mins into the 3hrs I broke out in hives everywhere. Red, swollen, and itchy. Even between my legs from laying naked in the bed. He’s still trying to keep going and I have to stop him and tell him I’m sorry but I’m covered in hives and I need to go home because this is only going to get worse and I am extremely uncomfortable like this. I tell him we can schedule another 90min session sometime for Incall instead so that this doesn’t happen. He agrees after a minute but says “we could try it I suppose. I don’t do in calls because I like to have control over the situation”. Hmmm makes me feel even weirder. I get dressed we go downstairs so I can leave he goes to the door and says “oh I didn’t realize I locked it out of habit. I promise I’m not trying to kill you or do anything weird”. Definitely felt very bad vibes and left as fast as I could. My screening is pretty thorough and nothing weird came up about him but fuck did he turn out to be strange and uncomfortable.





  • “Because I like to have control over the situation”? 🤨 Big yikes. Lol “we can try it”. Like no, that’s what we’re doing. I would MAYBE try to reschedule the other 90 mins for Incall, but I would lean more towards not seeing him again period. The condom thing was so much ick too


  • Right 😫 he seemed totally normal the first time we met and then the second time he was a completely different person 🤢 I guess that’s a classic boundary pusher though. Just trying to see how much they get away with. It was also the locks thing that really scared me!


  • I’m at the point where I’m going to do my best to never see anyone twice. Regulars are becoming the bane of my existence


  • By being in control he means, secretly video it. I’ve had 2 guys say this to me and both turned out to be recording


  • Add,” Do you have cats?” To your screening questions. Make sure that you also make it clear that you only offer covered services. If you really want to reschedule that’s up to you. You don’t have to see him again, he’s not very cooperative and respectful.


  • That’s a great idea! I will mention in my ads I’m allergic to cats. As for the condoms I think he was just attempting to push boundaries because the first thing I do in every appointment I have is discuss boundaries from both sides before we begin getting intimate. If they have a problem with my boundaries there in that moment, I will end the appointment.


  • This sounds like my personal hell😳 when people say msog I say maximum 2 so they know or like if they don’t ask I would say 2 times max in an hour and I think that’s very fair. But that sounds horrible taking advantage of the appointment I feel. I had someone for the first time the other day for an hour and a half he did stuff the entire time I was getting so mad


  • I typically don’t mind msog when it’s timed out right. I don’t offer anything less than an HR and typically I make time for 2 pops in an hour. But it’s just like geez guy give me a rest in between 😫 I hate getting booked as someone’s personal sex doll without a small amount of conversation, massage, and relaxation that’s why I advertise as girlfriend experience.


  • Block and delete and move on. The money for the 90 mins you didn’t use was a TIP. You let him bust 3 nuts and dealt with his bs and his cat who fucked you up. You felt uncomfortable. Lose the loser and never see him again. It will make you feel better about it. Now rest babe you deserve it.
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