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Hi! I’ve had a couple of experiences with sex workers joining me in my hotel room. In both instances, after the act they hung around for a while and we chatted about our lives and whatnot. Both times this went a fair amount over the paid for time (by like 45m/1hr). I was happy to have the company, but I both didn’t want to take up their time without paying them (if that’s what was expected) and didn’t really want to pay them extra to just hang out with me. In both instances I feel like I created opportunities to allow them to leave if they wanted, by getting dressed, freshening up in the bathroom, allowing a lull in the conversation, etc. but I also didn’t want to be rude and genuinely enjoyed their time, so I didn’t offer signals that I wanted them to leave. I’m sure I’m overthinking this, but I want to be courteous. If a provider stays after the act, after the paid for time, can I assume that they’re just choosing to do so and there is not an expectation of additional payment beyond what was discussed? IIRC I did provide a tip shortly after we were intimate, so I don’t believe they were just waiting for that. Thanks!



  • If they’re choosing to stay longer and it’s not you trying to extend your time together without additional payment, then I wouldn’t worry about it


  • I always used to say something like “Hey, our time’s nearly up, I don’t wanna keep you here if you’re busy”, as a courtesy, so I can be sure she knows and it’s her decision to stay longer.


  • Doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong. Honestly, just yesterday I was booked by a photographer for an hour paid shoot and I ended up staying an hour extra without additional pay because the location was absolutely gorgeous, the photographer was extremely kind/accommodating, and the pace of the shoot was chill AF. It was a lot easier than I had expected going in, so I didn’t even realize the time was flying by until the sun was setting.


  • If I feel a good connection and really enjoy the conversation and/or some good wine is being involved I am happy to stay an extra couple of minutes especially if it takes longer to my uber to arrive, rather chat and drink until it’s there.


  • I’m sure if they wanted to leave they would quickly look at their phone and pretend they got another booking. Guess they wanted to make most of the free food or drink.
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