I Hate This Job, I Hate It I Hate It I Hate It

I absolutely fucking despise it. I don’t want to do this anymore, I hate it and I’m more and more disgusted every day. It’s online SW, but I’m so fucking fed up with it. Idk how tf I did it for 4 years. I can’t do it anymore, i don’t want to do it, but it’s either this or be fucking poor like I’ve been my whole life up to this point. I’ve been born poor and will most likely die poor. The money is dropping lower every day, every month, all my socials either get shadow banned or not get any attention, I need to do more of shit I don’t like and I find repulsive for these fuckers, it’s not fucking worth it anymore and I hate it from the bottom of my heart. Idk what to do. I’ll probably delete this when I come back to my sense but I keep having this kind of breakdowns and I need to vent, I’m sorry guys





  • No need to apologize for venting. I’m full service and I’m also starting to hate it. It’s exhausting and frustrating. The guys seem to be getting worse by the day. I would quit today if I didn’t need the money. Offering you a hug OP. You aren’t alone


  • Sorry to hear you are in the same boat 🙁 appreciate the hug and kind words. I hope things get better for you and me both. I’m seriously considering quitting but I need to find some kind of safety net before and it looks like there’s no resolution


  • I was at the same point a few weeks ago and I decided that it’s time for a break for online SW. I was also too fed up


  • I hope this break helps you 🙏🏻 I’ve been somewhere here before a few times, but never so bad and lasting so long. It’s been a few good months since I’m feeling like this and it’s just worse and worse.


  • I’m at the same point too. This year will be my fourth in online SW & I feel so low. My money has dropped significantly since November; that’s when I started feeling depressed & having anxiety attacks about work. Online SW is so hard. I feel like I’ve given too much to these guys & have nothing to show for it. I feel defeated & drained of all my joy. I’m in counseling now to deal with my anxiety & low self-esteem directly stemming from this job & having my self-worth determined by cheap men that want nothing more than to take from me in order to make themselves feel good. When I started SW I thought it was going to be the beginning of my wealth building journey. I’d heard of girls buying houses, paying off debt, going on lavish trips, & providing for tier entire families off of cam. I thought that could be me but for the most part I still lived paycheck to paycheck. Four years in & I feel I have nothing to show for my time in the industry. No loaded savings account. No new car. No lavish gifts or sugar daddies. I’m currently studying to get my real estate license so that I can become an investor/agent & no longer have my money tied to sex work. It’s going to take a few months but it is a light at the end of the tunnel. Until that time comes I’m still stuck in the dark & constantly feel like a failure.


  • I can strongly recommend this, a good part of my business is in re today, it’s going really well (better than ever before) but many re agents and investors are quitting the industry right now as increased interest rates combined with higher material costs and tougher requirements means a smaller pool for all the fish. BUT: By the time you finish your studies and the industry is going strong again there will be a great demand for ppl who are willing to take a risk. You’ll do splendidly! ♥️ best thing about being an entrepreneur is that you can do it while being a sex work, if you have the drive and energy (money can be VERY motivating, I’m telling you).


  • Thank you for your kind words. I have a feeling that one I get over this hump I will really enjoy real estate & see myself doing well in it. I know the money will be a great motivator. I’m just stuck in that horrible in-between spot where my SW business is declining but my real estate work hasn’t truly started. I wish I was one of those girls that made so much money in SW I could use it to invest immediately but I was never that fortunate. Idk if I want to continue SW once I get my license. I don’t want to throw away the fan base I’ve built up over the years but I also know that these men are going to continue to be cheap & make me question my worth & I don’t like that.


  • The economy is coming and going in waves. Once business starts to grow, all your businesses demand your attention. Just take care and look for the times where money is scarce and plan ahead accordingly. I had a lot of luck, getting to know the right people at the right time. (And this is the hardest part to admit as a business owner that it is not really depend and on yourself but more how you manage people, resources, time and opportunities)


  • I’m having a break too. Lately I can’t say I’ve been working, because that means earning, which I absolutely have not been. Fuck off freeloaders, those who just want to sit and chat like I’m a community fucking therapist, those who expect me to do things outside of my boundaries, those who think because they spent a little money they deserve all my attention, those who think I want to be their girlfriend etc. This is my fourth year too on and off, I’ve done FSSW too, tried to get back into it but have been unsuccessful. I’m sick of it all too so I’m using the perk of the job where I can leave it alone for a bit without being fired. Maybe once my bills start piling up I’ll find the motivation (even through pressure) to come back lol. You’re not alone


  • I feel you. While I have IG & TT accounts, I don’t use them after seeing all the hypocrisy with how the sites are ran. I just don’t have it in me to expend energy into another promotional platform that has no realistic way to be lucrative. I’m about to start focusing on my clip sale sites that have internal traffic because when I put out new videos, I make sales. I plan to build my Fansly here soon too. I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time. Many of us are feeling the squeeze. I wish you healing and peace 💖


  • I’m sorry :(. I understand working with a disability, it takes three times more effort to get anything done. I’m so envious of people who can produce content every day. I get that not all of us can afford to take a break… but please do if you can. Give yourself a chance to think about life without it without all that pressure to produce.


  • Do you have access to a doctor? I wonder if you could get something like a beta blocker to knock the edge off? Or you could try Valerian tea maybe? Not ideal but there are lots of things that would be better for your health than drinking a lot- maybe one of them would work for you. I’m so sorry, sweetie. I hope you get in a better situation for you soon. Hug.


  • Thank you I definitely need to make a change. I’m on a quick tour going home tomorrow. I got a psych meds prescriber this year and I’m trying anti-depressants but the process is really long. They start you off on a tiny dose then you have to take it for at least 6 weeks to feel the full effects and if you don’t like that specific drug you have ween off and try again. It’s not quick like a shot of vodka. I definitely need a change or I won’t be able to keep making money from SW I’m like falling part a bit


  • i also take antidepressants and psychiatric medication is very dangerous. especially if you combine it with alcohol and/or other drugs. you get withdrawals if you don’t have your antidepressants and in years they affect your liver and kidneys. i would re-consider starting them if i was you. also many people feel at this uncomfortable mid-point a numbness where they don’t feel horrible but can’t cry or feel happy either so i worry how all this would add up in your situation. also antidepressant & all psych med, have many side effects. the one I’m on gives me a very dry mouth. horrible for sw. i wanna get off them but getting off them is horrible cause of withdrawals.


  • Baby I understand where you are coming from I’m doing sw online an in person too an it’s hard for me to build a strong following and getting subscribers on my O.F that’s why I kinda gave up on it but not the in person one yet I will either retire or semi-retired this year sometime it’s mentally and physically took a toll on me too luv if you want to take a break go ahead for as long as you want ain’t no amount of money is worth your mental health an stress levels take care of your self ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • Hey babe, I’m so sorry you’re going through a hard time! I relate to this so much. I also don’t really like this work, and I’m in the same boat as you, I need to do it for the money. My family is poor as well so they can’t help me. I think it definitely takes a really strong mind set to do this work long term. I’ve been doing fssw for about 4 years now full time and I find it really difficult. It is really exhausting both mentally and physically. I also deal with depression and anxiety. Every day is a struggle. Personally, I find looking after myself to help a bit, by doing some form of exercise most days and trying to eat as healthy as possible. But I do get days when I wake up totally wrecked from being booked put the previous day and can’t get out of bed. All I can say is try to make an exit strategy, this will give you a light at the end of the tunnel to aim towards and will make the work more bearable.


  • I get it. I’m exhausted too 🙁 my two big tiktok accounts both have been banned recently – one at 400k and one at 100k. I’m just exhausted by it- I don’t like having to restart constantly and having the rug ripped out from under me over and over, while I see other girls accounts growing to a million followers because they’re lucky enough to not be banned. I’m not doing anything differently than them, I’m just unlucky 🙁 I know what I could be making if I wasn’t facing setbacks constantly and it makes me so angry.


  • Ever thought of in-person sex work? When you’re online, you’re bound to attract trolls and weirdos hiding behind a screen. You will run into weirdos during stripping and escorting as well but you’re also bound to run into more normal people as well. With escorting you can select your clients, if someone gives you a weird vibe then don’t see them.


  • What kind of career would you like to be in? My online SW is just for fun money, and I really think that’s the right balance for me. There was a period where I wasn’t making a ton at my regular job, and my bf told me I might have to do more cam work and I dreaded the idea of feeling forced into it. Maybe you just need a balance.


  • this is why we should have an actual right-to-exist. options so people can genuinely consent to this work or choose the available alternative so they can still support themselves financially. might be worth reaching out to some sw-orgs or radical sw collectives locally and research right to exit in your state/country.


  • Sorry to hear babe. Lots are feeling the burnout right now. I get it. I have moments where I hate it too, but I need the money. I have no choice right now. Be easy on yourself, you aren’t alone. We just got through a worldwide pandemic, and it’s still affecting us. Covid is still here and the world has changed forever. Money is different now and everything is more expensive. I would encourage you to make an exit strategy. Think of a job you want and then wrote down what you need to get there. What works for me is to have a vision of what you want and work towards it. I understand you are disabled. There must be a good paying career you can do within your abilities. Start a course part time, learn from home. Maybe you can make payments, or get a small loan. sw isn’t forever and it would help you to keep your eyes on the prize of what you really want.


  • This thread is so sad because it’s too relatable 😢 Did onlyfans for a month and couldn’t do it anymore so I was doing full SW for 3 years but also having a “boyfriend” who beat me into suicidal thoughts when I felt depressed and then burned out was enough for me. Took a 1 year break and I am currently in the process of going back to school but SW is calling my name. I could never understand when people told me it’s a vicious cycle, now I do. I have a very good boyfriend husband material the whole package and who gives me 5k a month to survive but I get so annoyed. I feel better single It’s like I miss my old life 🤷‍♀️


  • How much is yours? Since you are so concerned with it. A lot of men I know would fuck a hole in a tree. I had a single sexual partner my entire life, but it was only by chance. Sex is NATURAL and NORMAL, is what nature intended EVERY species to do as much a possible in order to keep the species alive. How do you think the human species became the most widespread? It’s because we really like sex, you misogynistic moron. If both of the sexes of a species don’t like sex, it means there will be RAPE. Do you like raping women? Or is it only men who should have sex? Meaning that they should have it with other men exclusively (you know, since women are not allowed to enjoy and want sex), by your logic. I hope your dick nevercomes close to any vagina since you clearly lack not only basic biology, but common sense as well. Whatever woman has sex with men like you is either a victim or an idiot. You can’t expect women to have sex with you, but not like sex in general. That’s a very predatory mindset. Incels really have a lot of free time on their hands to come in places where they clearly have no business.
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