We cuddled for hours yet he didn’t try and kiss me

Me and this guy have been on and off texting for a while and we hangout sometimes too and its always super fun, he’s honestly the guy version of me I genuinely love being around him but nothing physical has ever happened between us. Last night we watched some movies at his house and we ended up cuddling on the couch for hours and even falling asleep together for a second. He was running his hands through my hair, holding my hand, rubbing on my face, so many cute things. And after I went home he texted me and said he had fun and stuff but WHY DIDNT HE KISS ME? At the doorway when i went to leave he hugged me instead and i can’t tell if he’s just nervous, or if he can tell IM nervous and isn’t doing it. Maybe I should have looked at him when we were cuddling when he was playing with my hair and stuff i don’t even know maybe it’s my fault he didn’t LOL. I just can’t tell what he is thinking or his intentions with me. Keep in mind this is like our 8th time hanging out.




  • 8th time hanging out? I would assume he’s freezing up and nervous. The touching your face, etc. is probably when he wanted to go for it, but didn’t. How old is he? If he’s got little/no experience that could be nerve wracking especially if he does actually like you. Could be nervous about just making the move but also how you’ll react, if you haven’t made a move either. Respond to his text about having fun by suggesting what can make it more fun next time.


  • Yeah how old are they is my question, feels like something a mid to late teen with little experience would ask. If I’m with a girl cuddling and don’t kiss her it’s because I’m waiting for them to give me the go ahead, especially the first time, usually they turn and look at me and that’s when you go for it. If she was just frozen look at the TV, the whole time no wonder he didn’t I wouldn’t either.


  • Before I met my current boyfriend I remember dating a guy on a few dates. And the end of dates/ hangouts etc. he never went for it. We are mid 20s at that time. I just asked him. “Why didn’t you kiss me?” And he responded “I didn’t know you wanted me to!” I know this is Reddit and we don’t like talking. BUT, OP, maybe you could just ask him? Or make a move yourself! Worst thing that could happen is he doesn’t kiss you back. And then you just get to move on with your life and find someone who DOES want to kiss. Best case, y’all kiss and it’s great lolol
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