My whale regular got engaged to another Sex Worker from my city

I haven’t seen him in months, but he was literally the BEST client I’ve ever had. He would send
me money for no reason, expensive gifts, very respectful and clean. At one point about 80% of
my income was from him. Then he all the sudden got cold and distant. I didn’t think much of it
because they almost always come back. Out of curiosity, I went on his Instagram and he
proposed this month to another escort from my city. The reason why I know she’s an escort is
because she was face out and I remember seeing her ad and twitter a lot. I’m not really sure
what to make of it… I just feel odd because he was literally a dream client for me. Obviously the
financial motive was there and without his money I wouldn’t even look at him twice. Hopefully
another one or 2 like him come around because I am perplexed


 He must really love escorts if he was so generous with them and even married one.
Sounds awesome and like a nice guy. Great for him and the escort, hope they have good
marriage. Now that that door closed, another one (or two, or several) will open for you!
Who knows, maybe he might refer other men in his circle to you in the future. Word of
mouth is the best way to advertise.

o I personally never had a word of mouth recommendation. I mean, hopefully he
does anyways cause he’s stupid rich. I’m just still processing everything. But
anyways, I need another whale so guess who’s going to invest more into

 I heard that among the stupid rich, it’s common for men to be more open
about seeing sex workers and even recommend women to each other
like they might share about their favorite doctors, personal trainers,
chefs, massage therapists.

 They do. And they will. I can’t remember advertising any more,
must be years ago. When they have your number they’ll call

o Do you use a VOIP/burner app, or did you just set up a
whole new cell number that you pay for separately apart
from your personal phone? I am thinking of switching to a
real cell number because I’ve been having issues with
burner apps and feel like it might be worth the cost. I hope
I get into circles where men share providers. People trust
word-of-mouth more and it’s what really rich exclusive
people prefer anyway.

 I have an assistant. She manages all my
appointments for most of my businesses. I have my
personal phone and I guess several business
phones. As I said it was a long time and an even
longer way.

 Honestly word of mouth is not the best way to advertise and tends to get very messy.
Especially if you’re playing the more GFE route (and want engagement) you don’t want
men discussing you in a circle of all your details. You’ll never be able to get close to
those clients as they feel like “you’re for everybody”

 Did you like him like that? Would you have gotten engaged him if he asked? It always
sucks losing out on money but somebody else will come right along. Sounds like he was
seeing the other girl the whole time, or maybe he’s just a guy who falls in love super
quick. This is all a learning process you will know the guys that you can connect with like
that in the future and really know how to get on their payroll if that’s what you desire.

 It sounds like she knew he was a sap and was looking to get engaged and she fed right
into it. Congratulations to her!

 Sucks about losing the possible income, but I’d rather be an escort than some man’s
wife. No amount of money would be worth losing my freedom and dealing with a man’s
shit 24/7.

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