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Statements & Opinion’s Position understands there are legal, philosophical and moral issues surrounding sex work and that providing a digital platform that, amongst other things, allows sex workers to advertise their services requires careful consideration.

What is is a platform that allows adult service providers to advertise their services and distribute their digital content.

Adults Only has a zero-tolerance policy to any underage activity, be it deliberate or accidental.

All our pages are marked as adult content using the industry standard RTA labelling.
All visits to the Site must go via the entry page, which removes any ambiguity about what can be found within.
Age verification protocols exist, allowing members to prove that they are 18 or over.
All content is moderated with an act first, ask questions later ethos.
Like all other Sites that are accessible to a UK audience, will adhere fully to the requirements of the Digital Economy Act 2017, requiring all members to age verify before gaining access to adult content.

Keep it Legal is accessible to persons all over the World. Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding sex work, the advertising of it and what acts or depictions are permissible in content that is delivered online. The onus for ensuring legal conduct has to be with the member. What is legal for one, may not be legal for another. moderates all content using the guidelines laid down by credit card processing companies as to what they will permit on sites where their cards are accepted. Some content is further moderated using guidelines for adult content as laid down by the BBFC in the UK.

The burdens on the membership to ‘keep it legal’ are clearly defined in the Site’s Terms of Use. Each member digitally consents to these terms upon registration.

Exploitation & Trafficking has a zero tolerance policy to any activity surrounding exploitation or trafficking and actively works to prevent it. Any member believed to be anything other than advertising freely of their own volition will be required to provide one or more forms of photo ID, photos of them holding it, photos of them holding other verification material that is exclusive to their membership, proof of their physical location and more. Various decision making techniques and criteria are in use to identify such accounts that are not disclosed here so as to maintain their effectiveness. is keeping a close eye on activities in the USA relating to the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act and will look to work closely with stakeholders to ensure remains compliant and becomes an effective contributor to achieving the Act’s goals. The list of countries in which escort advertising is not permitted (and is prevented) can be seen here.

Data Protection has invested considerably in security hardware, software and protocols to ensure all member information remains secure. Regular testing is performed to ensure the entry points to the platform are secured appropriately. Members can exercise their right to be forgotten or to see what information is being held on them.

Any entitled party making a valid request for data shall receive it. will adhere fully to the Nigeria’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will afford members further peace of mind that their data is being handled appropriately.

Safety and Support cares about the safety and wellbeing of its members and has developed various features that give members insight and information that allows them to make informed decisions. No Internet-based advertising platform is risk free and without unscrupulous advertisers. is a platform only and encourages a buyer beware policy when evaluating any advertisement or offer.

The Site maintains a small directory of Support Services but anyone needing support should simply search Google in their home country for “sex worker support”. is a regular contributor to surveys and initiatives that support sex workers and victims of trafficking and exploitation.

Financial Conduct provides no mechanism for the exchange of funds in relation to escort services. Any parties found to be attempting the same through misuse of some other feature will have their membership terminated.

As Credits can only be used on the Site they are not deemed e-money, however to ensure best practice we follow e-money guidelines ensuring that funds are stored in segregated bank accounts. Customers are able to request a refund of any funds held on account at any time. does not perform any automated, delayed or unattended rebilling of customer credit cards. All purchases are member-initiated and made in real time. pays all other relevant business taxes and rates in its registered jurisdiction.

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