To all sex workers (mostly outcall but overall both in and out) pro tip advice: —

Regardless on whether you’ve made your client fuck or not, if they’re booking has well over past and exceeded the time limit that they have paid you for, then you have every right to refuse consent and leave when you feel it’s time for you to.

Please follow your intuition. Don’t allow them to convince you in staying for longer when you know you’re needing to be somewhere else later on that day. Especially if they aren’t willing to pay the extra fee that you are so worthy of receiving.

Know your value and don’t ever think you should negotiate that. And by value this 1000% includes your time!

Have repeated this mistake multiple amounts of occasions when first starting off in the industry, and although it took me multiple times making this bad decision, it was only until I was at my lowest form where it was continuously happening no matter how much I tried when really my intuition saw the red flags originally I just chose not to follow it…

Whatever they’re trying to negotiate with your price whether it be drugs, alcohol, material possessions, etc. – if you don’t think it’s worth it – don’t choose to position yourself in something you have a feeling could end up with a bad time! Don’t make the same mistakes I did, because I can guarantee you I most definitely wish I had someone tell me this when first starting off 🖤



  • I’m incall only nowadays but I will say this: clients going over their paid-for time virtually never happened with me during an outcall date. Why? Because I find it so much easier to pick myself up and leave than to get someone OUT THE DOOR without a fuss when they’re dragging their feet. Ditto for issues with someone who’s under the influence: far easier to dart out the door than get a non-sober person out of it.


  • Personally being a trans sex worker though this would happen during experiences where things would start off good then detours like having to sneak out because I wasn’t aware of roommates etc. and due to discretion the fear of them switching had happened before. Years later though and these days I rarely choose to do an outcall unless it seems worth it, good thing we can learn from experience / rely on other fellow sex worker’s advice throughout platforms like reddit and Twitter


  • If you have an issue going over time that’s where good old technology comes in…before you walk in set the timer when it goes off ask them are they adding more time…simple yes or no if they say yes it’s another quick visit off tops and make sure to stop and collect, then don’t wait till the end they’ll act like they “only” have such and such…


  • This is really a case by case basis thing. I always have a clock in east view. Had a big one on the wall of my incall or the glowing numbers of the clock on the nightstand at the hotel. I was never a clock watcher, but would start to casually wrap things up when it got close. I was more lenient with a regular or semi-regular client because the better experience may lead to another visit. I prayed around for another 30 minutes with a regular because I know he has options and wanted to keep being the one he chose.
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