A note to broke customers

There’s a really nice restaurant near my house. It always smells AMAZING when I walk by, and all the people inside look like they’re having the best time. I won’t lie- I get a bit of FOMO walking past. I worked minimum wage for a long time, and never had the money to go spend 75$ on a steak and cocktail that would only last one meal. I really wanted to try their food once, so every day for months I saved my tips until I had enough to go eat there- and it was amazing. I got great service, the food was awesome, it was a wonderful night and well worth the time spent saving.

Here’s what I didn’t do. I didn’t skulk around the entryway for weeks, verbally harassing the staff and customers because they wouldn’t let me eat for free. I didn’t go into the restaurant, sit down, order, and then admit that I had no money to pay for it. I didn’t threaten to kill myself if they didn’t give me a free steak. I didn’t ask “what’s the cheapest thing on the menu?” and then haggle over that. I didn’t take to Yelp to write a horrible review simply because they didn’t feed me for free. Here’s what I did: When I was broke, I bought ramen. I didn’t like ramen, it was bland and not very personalized to my own tastes, but it was food and it did the job. But I ate it, and after months of eating ramen, I appreciated it so much more when I had the means to eat something better. I lived within my means, because my means are my own responsibility, and it isn’t the fault of the fancy, successful restaurant that I can’t eat what I want all the time. I, and all my fellow restaurants, thank you for your politeness.




  • I could not have said this better myself. It’s a LUXURY not a right. I could not have said this better myself. It’s a LUXURY not a right.


  • I always say my rates are for the experience. You get what you pay for. Incall is at my house in a nice area. Drug free, alcohol free, no pets or smoking in the house. I have men’s soaps and towels they can use when in the bathroom. I have 7 different lotions if they request that. I have non-latex rubbers. And I’m CLEAN. I also disinfect everything between clients. You want something cheaper? I guarantee she has all or some or at least one of these-STDs, drug use, drunk, dirty, smells like cigarettes, does bear with anyone just so she can get her next high. I then end with STAY HEALTHY!


  • As a slightly random aside: Ramen is delicious if you add an egg or two. Just straight in the boiling water for egg-drop ramen. Or soft boiled separately if you wanna get fancy. Maybe some furikake. Cheap, great macronutrient profile (if a smallish ramen), and tastes amazing! Not the (excellently made) point of the post, I know, but I just wanted to say.


  • Literally have people DEMANDING free sexting sessions with “it’s not that hard, girls give this stuff away for free”. Well if it ain’t that hard, why not go seek these girls out???


  • Perfect analogy! And just like at restaurants, we hope you come hungry and thirsty and leave oh-so satisfied, good manners are preferred (try not to be too messy an eater), and tips for excellent service are always appreciated.


  • I love how you broke it down so all the cheap assholes can understand/ I wish they could get this through their head. Shit I always wonder what gives guys the guts to message us all day but when talk of payment come up all of a sudden they can’t read nor do math.


  • Yess!! I absolutely love this. I had a similar thing i said to ppl that “bUt THeRe iS frEe PoRn…” or course there is. But that is like comparing going to McDonald’s and a nice restaurant. Sure you eat at mcd but you aren’t going to get quality service. Dinning at a nice restaurant is an experience. The staff checks on you, talks to you, makes sure everything is to your liking. You aren’t going to get that with free porn on the internet.
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