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Sex work has shown me the absolute worst men have to offer. I’m not getting into the actual incident but something happened tonight so much worse than the normal ‘ugh gross 🙄’ moments that are already annoyingly common. So fucking bad that I spent the last two hours virtually unable to do anything but cry, reverted back to my child self/vividly re-feeling the sexual trauma I faced so many years back. This is my misandrist arc. Too many men are not just able but EAGER and GET OFF on using and abusing women and it’s making me so sick I’m not sure I want to surround myself with any new men down the line beyond the friends I already have. I am so tired of being hurt and treated like something even worse than object. Because tonight, this man saw I was more than an object. He knew it hurt and what I was feeling and I clearly expressed it and he did more. Considering quitting, though I’ve dealt with gross idiots for about 10 months and usually pushed through. I don’t know I’m just very fragile right now. Pain.





  • Some hire a security guard… that they can call on to make the client leave. Some live in apartments with onsite security. If sex workers that tell the client… “can you please stop, or I will ask you to leave”, need some exit route if the client is not respectful.


  • Quit if you feel you have to. No job is for life and it’s weird someone would pressure you to continue doing a job you don’t like


  • Monsters like this who know your triggers and do it out of pure pleasure, truly fucking scare me. Honestly I don’t blame you for wanting to leave, nor do I blame you for your viewpoint. All you can do is talk. First off are you safe? Do you feel safe? Can you get someplace where you do and around people who make you feel safe? Second I would say how are you? Definitely open up, I know the others say don’t discuss medical but seriously talk to someone or just find someone to sit around you don’t have to talk to them and sit in silence, that’s fine. You can talk when you’re ready. Third, me personally I would open an investigation. Anything without your consent is wrong and harming you is wrong. It maybe me just being naive. Lastly I am sorry that you had to experience this, you’re strong, you will overcome this dark moment in your life. Stay strong!
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