Long Time Client Rant

I normally don’t rant on particular clients but what happened today sadly has made me have to
kick this client to the curb. Never had a problem with this guy. He’s a doctor, lonely guy. Decent
looking. Into some weird fetishes but nothing crazy and never issues with what a lot of us
complain. I see him today because he has no family and pays me even more. We do our thing
and when we finish he starts going on how he’d love me to stop and just have him pay my bills.
Sugar daddy type deal. But what really freaks me out is he starts going on about how he’s
concerned about my sexual life anatomy. He knows when I started because he was one of my
first regulars (which was around 2 years ago now almost). He literally said something similar to
this smh “I’ve done the math and you’ve been doing this work for 2 years. You can’t continue to
abuse your vagina like this the way you do. I know you are busy seeing numerous clients weekly
so that’s just not healthy to have hundreds of different men in that time period. I’m willing to
financially give you X if you stop this work and just see me”. I kind of got freaked because this
came out of nowhere outside his weird fetishes. First off like who does this? Who does the
math on how many men I’ve probably been with? I mean yes my number is way up there and I think
anybody who does this long enough it’s up there. To me a number means nothing. Hell I was with
plenty before I even got into sex work. Just doesn’t faze me like some people. But this?! LOL weird!!
Sadly, though I’ll have to find a nice way to ignore him. Can’t deal with this BS.

 Some men actually seem to believe that vaginas get stretched out with more sexual
partners… That said, it definitely just seems like he was looking for a good excuse to
make you scared because he actually wants you to himself and (I assume) doesn’t
actually want to give you an amount that would be comparable to the amount you are
getting from all the clients you see now.

 Agree I’ve heard that before! Sad thing for him is while he’s never been a client with
issues he is pathetic in the dick department. I almost made the comment about number of
clients doesn’t matter if they have small dicks like yourself! but for my own safety I kept
my mouth shut.

 Ew. Dump this client. This man is insecure and wants the illusion that he’s the only
person who goes to you. He tried (and failed terribly) to bring you closer by slut / sex
shaming you? As if that makes you want to hang out with him more. Vagina saviour
complex? Very weird man.

 Reminds me in high school when I got called a whore and loose vagina cause I had been
with a lot of guys. Then a guy I like literally didn’t want to continue seeing me because
my “vagina was damaged”.

 Good job dumping him. Ugh on this guy for All the reasons! Fucking rude I’m sure he
offered you a fraction of what you actually make too

 Some men actually believe this crap (that your vagina will stretch if you fuck a BUNCH of
different men, but apparently fucking the SAME man every time he fucking feels like it is
fine, somehow), and I wish I could say I can’t believe a DOCTOR would believe that.
Dumb fucker.

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