The Lack of Sexual Chemistry

I hate it when this happens.
I love sex and enjoy my work and I really go above and beyond to make the meeting as good as
possible for my clients, new and old. Normally I have at least some kind of chemistry with
everyone and it’s easy to build up the meeting from there. But with some people there’s just
zero chemistry, nothing, nada. Perfectly good people, but that spark is just so nonexistent that
it just turns awkward no matter what we do. I normally get these kinds of meetings few times a
year, but these last two weeks I’ve had three! It’s mortifying! The newest was a few hours ago,
new client, booked well in advance, one-hour booking. He was polite, clean, nice looking,
genuinely seemed like a good guy. I really wanted to make the meeting pleasurable for him, but
the total lack of chemistry just ruined the vibe and we ended up having awkward sex and even
more awkward small talk for 30 minutes and then I left. I sometimes actually feel like giving a
refund just because I can’t deliver a better experience but I know it’s totally not my fault. It’s
just really sad, especially when the person I meet with is new with escorts. It’s not like I can tell
anyone that hey yeah we didn’t click, but keep looking when things are already awkward…
and it doesn’t help that I’m the only provider in a huge area, next escort I know of is like
150km (93 miles) from my location, hahaha. So there’s not much variety for clients to find the
right provider for them. Idk, this was just some tired late night rant before going to sleep.
Luckily I also had this great meeting today with my favorite regular and we fucked each other’s
brains out like goddamn teenagers after he prepared me some food because I was hungry

 It’s our job to create chemistry when it wouldn’t otherwise me there, but I also don’t
expect it to happen every time, especially when two strangers are meeting for the first
time. Don’t feel bad.
o Thank you. ❤️ I’m not that new to the game and normally just let things slide,
but three of these kinds of meetings within a couple weeks really brings my
mood down a bit haha. Normally I’m really good at creating the atmosphere for
a great meeting for everyone but sometimes it just doesn’t work out no matter
how good you are or how hard you try. But well, it is what it is.

 Sometimes when we really do enjoy pleasing people and making sure they have a good
time, it’s an instinct to give them a deal or offer a refund, but sex with you is a luxury,
not a discount item. They’re lucky to be in the same room as you and if they’re not
pulling their weight to make it a good appointment do not take that personally!!

o Oh yeah and when the client is some insufferable, boundary pushing arsehole I
feel less than zero regret giving a mediocre performance with minimum effort,
taking his money and getting the fuck out of there.

 The first meeting is always a bit awkward. It’s normal. There is nothing humanly possible
about 2 people inorganically meeting (making plans to meet for sex) and it not be
awkward a little. And what adds to the awkwardness is the fact we are trying to please.
We don’t know a person’s unique needs, their buttons that only work for them, and so
we often ask so we can please them better. In my life, I’ve never asked a man the things
I have asked in a session. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, from climax
preferences and beyond. It’s okay to be awkward.
 Don’t worry about refunding, he paid for your time and got it, it happens sometimes and
that’s okay. I’m usually grateful when these people book me again anyways

 I’m in sales as my vanilla job. Part of my job is quickly building rapport with people. I
apply this same skill to SW. I find if I build rapport, faking the chemistry comes much
easier. You’re lucky you feel it as often as you do. Most of us rarely feel it at all.

 I find that’s only a minority .. only a few clients don’t really want chemistry or intimacy.
They just want to pound and let off steam and barely say a word. Don’t let it bother you,
everyone is different.

 I’ve never had chemistry with a client. Obviously I fake attraction to them and try to play
into their personality, but I act myself and if they don’t like that then oh well they’re still
getting what they paid for. If we don’t get along as well as some others, I still just throw
on a smile and give them what they want. It’s only awkward if you make it awkward.
With people who you aren’t having easy conversation with, it can help to just focus on
the physical and fill the silence with light touching and ask them questions. Direct it all
back to them. But I’m sure you still gave great service and you shouldn’t worry so much
about not providing a realistic relationship experience for them. It’s normal for people
who don’t know each other to be uncomfortable and not everyone’s gonna hit it off.
Not every client even wants something intimate. Simple acting woos them.

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