Just found out my mom is a Sex Worker

Yes, you read that right. I started doing Sex Work a couple years ago and my mom told me she’s been
on OF for a few months and also started escorting. Now, she knows that I am fully invested in
this line of work and she’s supported met 100%. We’ve always had a very open relationship
when it came to things that some mother/daughters would never talk about etc. like me
growing up and just being on the pill at a young age and her knowing I was sexually active. She
was a single mom and had me kind of young. She did the best she could but I probably def am
where I am because of the life I grew up in which I have 0 regrets. She was scared I would get
upset but I told her I support her 100%. I don’t see her that much because we live a couple
hours away. She’s in her mid-50’s but still looks great and I think she’ll do really well. I’m happy
she’s able to make it to that part in her life. She has asked me about the saving $ part as I’ve
done well with that but that’s one wear she has struggled. Anybody been in a similar
situation!?! Anybody that age and do well and still do well for a while? Hoping she can get a
good savings as I don’t think she’s got a lot coming for SS.

 That’s awesome! I can relate 🙂 (your mama and mine are around the same age!) I wish
her tons of success and generous clientele! My mom does this no problem in a small
town so I for sure think your Mom can make it happen and succeed!

o My mom was a Sex Worker when I was younger. I remember us randomly getting new
furniture for the house, vacations, etc. From her “friends”. I didn’t connect the
dots until I was older lol.

 Your mom sounds like the cool mom in the neighborhood! haha. The home where I’d go
to hang and as a teen and feel more comfortable with everything and non-judgmental.

 Yea she was that mom. A lot of moms hated her because of me. I’d always be the one
out late, dressing inappropriately and always with older guys so they thought my mom
was bad for allowing everything I did. But I always had girlfriends over because they
loved how we could smoke and drink and be around guys without parents around. Even
though my mom wouldn’t care.

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