I revenged a time waster, full of himself client yesterday

It might seem like a petty revenge, but I’m so glad I did. So this mf messages me saying he is at a higher end hotel and wants to book an hour. Says let’s meet at the lobby then we will go to the room. (first 🚩) I say why not; in hour I will go to another outcall around that area so it was convenient for me. I arrive to the lobby and he is sitting there with a friend of him. (🚩) I say wtf if it’s two of you the price 3x. He assures me that’s only him who wants to book, without his friend. He is wasting time by continuously talking, ordering me a coffee I didn’t ask for and just chatting idly for 20 minutes about how much money he makes, how many businesses he owns, then he says “the time is staring once we arrive to the room, right?” (🚩) Since I wasted 20 minutes on them already, I say I’m not going to walk out without money, so I quickly finish the drink and we go to his room. When he gives me the money, I say it’s not the correct amount. My hourly rate is x EUR. (I tricked him with like 50 euro, not much just to match his vibe) He hesitates but gives me more. I finish him in 30 minutes and I walk the fuck out of the door. Before I leave I tell him “Actually honey, I don’t hang out with people for free, so we indeed spent an hour as agreed” I felt so proud of myself 😇👌👌👌


  • Yay! So happy for you! I hate those that are like “time starts when we get to the room/we’re naked/I start touching you/we start fucking/after I’m hard” assholes. Like what don’t you get about you’re paying for my time? I think most of them think that when we say you’re paying for our time it’s like in a wink wink just trying to avoid trouble kind of way. No motherfucker, that’s a bonus. But you’re for real as fuck paying for my time.

Right 👌💯 Those tricks aren’t just cheap; it screams that they aren’t coming from money. likely broke ass assistants at most. People with class aren’t trying to haggle time, use up all their time etc. because they didn’t have to starve their entire family for a week to afford us 😂😂😂

  • Get it girl! Tbh that was the best situation for everyone. Normally you wouldn’t take him based on his chat behavior, but you did because you were already in the area. He got off, you got paid, and you saved him from wasting someone else’s time who didn’t know better due to being new or whatever.

  • God, I hate those cheap assholes. Like, no, “John,” the timer DID NOT start AFTER your 10-minute shower AND the 20 minutes you spent chatting with me. It started the second you walked through my door. So you have 30 minutes left. Don’t like it? You can always leave now, but you’re not getting so much as a DOLLAR back, fucker. Thank god most of the people I’ve ever seen have understood and respected that – which, ironically enough, likely earned them an extra few minutes!! I’m the type of provider who would rather go 5 or 10 minutes OVER than UNDER – obviously on a case-by-case basis, so long as I don’t feel like I’m being used. And any more than 10 minutes I 100% demand further payment or stop.
  • But the SECOND I feel like I’m being fucked with, I’ll stop ON THE GODDAMN DOT AT BEST AND will likely end EARLY because I’m trying to make sure I don’t go over by a SECOND. So, TRYING to use me literally removes me TRYING to accommodate you! I try not to stoop to their level and take full advantage, just so I can SAY to anyone who knows what happened that I was honest and legitimate, but I 1000000% don’t blame anyone who does But these DUMB mother fuckers seriously don’t get that pulling this crap is WHY most providers won’t even TRY to be flexible in the first place! They’re JUST hurting themselves and what they want!!I’m sorry this happened honey, but I’m SOOOOOO pleased that you were able to catch him in his own fuckin game. I’m sending lots of money-luck and good-client-luck your way for the rest of the holidays!!!!!

  • Thanks babe 😘 I wish you the same Yeah 💯 on point, like I don’t mind spending extra 10 15min chatting with some good, respectful clients who’s not trying to scam or lowball me or playing tricky tricks. They might be good regulars after all. But those Johns who’s are starting out acing all smart, and extorting us, I scam them all and I’m not even 1% ashamed of it. We call the shots, it’s our service, we make the rules not them.
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