Got scammed for being stupid and inexperienced

I’m a 25 male, a really shy guy who wanted to try the experience, I thought it was something cool to do to start the new year. I searched for the right girl, it took me a lot, I read her description and it looked very well written and the feedback from previous clients seem legit, so I decided to call her. She replied and we set an appointment in the same day and from the voice I can clearly say that she was Italian, so everything was going in the right direction. I was really excited to meet this professional, she was a cute girl so I put a lot of effort to prepare myself and to have the best look possible, I took it as part of the experience. Unfortunately, the ride was late so I had to call her, hoping to postpone the appointment by 30 minutes, she said it wasn’t a big deal. I arrived at the place 5 minutes before and I called her to let her know that I was here. She said to go to a different address, like 50m from the previous, and then wait for her to show at the door. The girl who welcomed me wasn’t the girl from the post: at first I thought “maybe she’s a friend”, but then I realized it wasn’t. I was too frightened to tell her she wasn’t the girl I called before and go away, so I gave her the money and decided to pay for 30 minutes, she tell me to go upstairs and get undressed. She reached me after 5 minutes and she never put me in a good mood, it was my first experience, I felt very clumsy plus it wasn’t the girl I wanted to meet, I started to think that I had lost lot of time for this, but the worst had to come. She immediately started to touching my dick with the intention to get me hard (I imagined something different to start the appointment, like small talk, kissing etc. I told her that this was my first time and I didn’t know what I should do, I was expecting more guidance throughout). After 3 minutes of oral she told me to put it inside and then 1 minute later she started to say things like “Are you nearly done?” “We haven’t a lot of time” “I have clients out there waiting”. And here is where I stopped, put my clothes on, and told her that this was disrespectful (I never told her that she wasn’t the girl in the photo, she already knew for sure), so after 2 minutes of me ranting about the pressure she put to me, she said sorry and tell me that next time she will do it for half the price. All of this had taken 9 minutes. I’m really sad right now, I’m a lonely guy who wanted to feel appreciated for a moment and I didn’t get it even behind payment. I’m a loser because I haven’t had the courage to notice the incongruence and move on before giving her the money. It’s normal that some professional take advantage of people like me? I’m thinking that the real girl heard my young voice, my anxiety and thought I wasn’t good for her, so she sent me to another.




  • Over thinking it buddy. Try another provider. To them it’s business. Some are good, some are rubbish. By rubbish I mean have no sense of creating a connection with you. You got unlucky. They won’t care who you are or remember you, you are just a punter with money. Some you will click with, some you won’t. Its human nature. The numbers might run like this, 1 in 5 will be good, the rest may not be what you wanted or expected. Good luck. Rarely you get the girl in the photo…. but sometimes you do.


  • If you are flush with money, give another lady a go. Wear a watch and if you pay for an hour, you are entitled for an hour. Many people don’t wear watches and so it can be that you can get rushed. But the girl may take a phone call within an appointment and that is rude… and I won’t go back even if they were OK. Times are slow right now I have been told, they shouldn’t be rushing you, good providers should be recruiting regulars. Dress well, have a shower, put on some male fragrance, brush your teeth if you can before you see one. They shouldn’t rush you if you make an effort. I am even motivated myself to work out more. Double effect.



  • After 3 minutes of oral she tell me to put it inside and then 1 minute later she started to say things like “Are you nearly done?” “We haven’t a
    lot of time” “I have clients out there waiting”. Not atypical, it happens with me one out of three times.


  • I’ve not had one actually say that. That is really rude and unprofessional. I would certainly wear a watch and remind them you have paid for a set time. Conversely I would always leave on time.
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