Disappointed with my first time.

I’d like to preface this by saying even though I was disappointed with the person I was with I understand this is just a job to her and the quicker she can get it done the better but the way I felt rushed and the way she was I felt she mustn’t get many returning clients. (Might have just been me though). Contacted someone I found on a popular website in Australia and made a 1-hour appointment. Texts were very standard, the hotel address/I let her know when I’ve arrived. What I was disappointed with was I had made a 1-hour appointment so I wanted to take my time and I guess I was taking too long for her (after about 10-15 minutes) because she kept telling me it was time to finish and was actually getting slightly annoyed I was taking too long. I ask her during this if I can finish twice and she ignores me/doesn’t understand me. I finish and she cleans me off then turns me around and gives me a massage, which made me think we would go again. After 5 minutes she turns me over and looks at me in a way to tell me we are down and she says that I only get to finish once. I tell her I paid for an hour though and it’s only been 20ish minutes (this is my fault as I should have confirmed with her beforehand if I could finish more than once) and she asks if I want a longer massage to fill in the time. I tell her yes because I was a bit annoyed and wanted the 1 hour. She turns me over and I can hear her texting on her phone so I just say thank you and I leave. During all this as well is that she didn’t let me touch her at all. She would swat my hands away. The reason I’ve posted is I want to know if this is expected and was it a normal transaction? I feel like maybe I handled this poorly and I should have asked more questions before we started.

The other reason I posted is I wanted to vent. Lol.

TLDR: Paid for 1 hour but was rushed into finishing in 20 minutes. No touching allowed as well. Not sure if this is a normal transaction or if I handled it poorly, or if she did.



  • personally would not treat a client that way, but everyone is different. Make it clear what you want and discuss with them. I hate the idea of a client being rushed, we always talk, discuss what they want, and do touching/foreplay/ oral before jumping into sex.



  • This would rank as among my worst times if I had had your experience, and I’ve seen many providers. You’re right to feel upset. If the region you’re in in Australia doesn’t criminalize prostitution, I’d suggest you discuss the rules up front next time before booking.


  • I’m an Australian provider, and If a client books me for an hour we usually talk about what’s expected in that time. If someone is booking an hour I assume they want a full experience rather than just a quick orgasm so I’ll ask them what they are seeking. Then I’ll take my time with lots of touching and oral and then if he cums early we will spend some time massaging or cuddling for a while and I’ll try to get him aroused again. I will ask if he wants to go for round 2 and if not we might just hang out and talk or cuddle and touch. However, every provider is different and that’s why it’s a good idea to have that conversation about what you want before you make the booking. Don’t be afraid to ask your provider for what you want and look for someone who will provide that.



  • Just like restaurant experiences, providers vary wildly. As someone else in the thread said, maybe this provider was having a bad day, or maybe they’re just not a good provider at all. Since I’ve become a client in this business a year ago, I’ve had a variety of experiences. In fact, my first two is kind of illustrative: I got a “unicorn” my first time. I was nervous as hell and had no idea what was going to happen: would she be a cop in disguise, or ugly, or rude, or would I somehow make a mistake that ruined it? Just by dumb luck, I got a beautiful girl who was patient, kind, and very good at what she does. The second time I tried a different provider who was the opposite in every way (similar to your experience). If I’d had that second experience first, I’d never have indulged again. Probably would’ve been better off (and saved more money) but of course I just became a regular of the first provider. If you do want to try the industry again, follow other suggestions in this thread and see if it turns out better for you. Good luck and be safe.



  • I’ve had providers do the same thing. You just don’t return. The best providers give you the full hour. As far as how many times one can finish, it will vary.


  • There are many other providers that offer “multiple rounds” and good conversation. And there are providers that prefer to take the mechanical route. Take it as a lesson learned, do more research, read reviews and never assume a provider will offer what you want just because you booked 1 hour.


  • At first I thought she forgot how long you booked but then I got all the signs that it was a scam. Essentially when they sense a pushover client, they make it so awkward that you leave. This really annoys me. But it won’t last long before they’ve gone through everyone in that area and have no business. Thankfully there’s loads more girls out there and you’ll find a good one.



  • That’s kind of hostile. It’s one thing if she communicates with you that she prefers you to not touch her a certain way and offers instead something else you can do that she is comfortable with, but that’s pretty cold. I am sorry about your experience. Find a different provider who has basic manners and minimally passing customer service skills.



  • As an Australian worker I can suggest that depending on location there was confusion over a standard booking? Where I’m located bookings are organised based on if they want standard service which is exactly what you described (the cheapest option which is usually only 4 acts on you) the fact that she was cautious of your hands suggests that she comes from brothels where those sorts of things are extras and is probably new to private work. Either way unless you are in qld you are able to fully discuss what style of booking you are after and the lack of that discussion is a red flag or shows inexperience imo.


  • That is not a normal hour with me. And once they pay they are allowed to touch me all they want but no anal and no pain. And if we are ever done before the hour, it’s usually the clients who say they need to get going. Lol I don’t take it personally. I’m not really into the fake gfe shit but if they think they have 2 in them, I give it a go and usually stay over the hour. Usually they get an hour and a half.


  • Was it an agency girl? Was she or the agency reviewed on line? What did you pay? Was it an obvious bargain or at least below the going rate? Some girls take advantage of newbies just as some hobbyists take advantage of new escorts. If I spent more than $100 for that I would think it a waste of my money and that would be my last appointment for a while. I sputtered getting started in this and had a few mediocre to awful experiences when I got started. Each felt like a waste of money. Then, I started using the Internet and got smart. Find agencies and Indies with good on-line reputations and stop bargain hunting.



  • It’s not standard at all. My first time experience was totally different, provider specifically told me that i could touch her (i wasn’t touching her till then). Gave me a good relaxing massage and everything else i could ask for, filled the entire hour. You were scammed. If touching is not okay, she should have explicitly mention it.



  • For whatever reason; maybe they had a bad day, maybe they were feeling sick, maybe they were just not good people – this provider has, effectively, scammed you. Yes, you should have bothdetermined better up front the rules of your proverbial little engagement, but what she did smells of her taking advantage of your inexperience; She asserted herself over you in order to rush you out the door because she sensed that you would allow it; it’s the texting that clinches it for me. At the very least this provider should have conducted herself as an employee – since you were paying her for her time. What on earth could have been so important that she was texting on – at that moment – her employer’s time? if you ask me she was using her phone to drive home her disinterest and hurry and that is just not okay. In your position I would have left as well – but not before getting at least half my money back. You should get what you pay for. ‘We’ don’t determine when you’re ‘done’ or ready to leave until your time is actually up – you do. If she were feeling sick, if she were uncomfortable, if she were just not feeling it she should have communicated this with you, perhaps suggested alternatives to what you were doing at the time, or a raincheck, not half-ass rub your back a while until you called it quits out of boredom.



  • A more lucrative client that booked bigger a time frame and it overlapped with the OP, and she sought for the opportunity to get rid of him, while also being paid for the full amount of 1-hour vs what she may have offered if it were a QV. OP was scammed.


  • God if escorts are setting the bar that low maybe I should move to escorting lol. Yeah that’s an abnormally bad booking. I’m not sure what you paid but that sounds like what brothels call a “standard service”. Most escorts offer GFE as do most brothels for a small upcharge. Some girl’s get a bit funny about 2 rounds because a lot of guys can’t manage it in 1 hour.



  • Everyone’s rules are different so definitely go through what you’d like within the booking before going so that there’s no nasty surprises. Usually if a guy hasn’t come within 15 mins I’ve found they are edging or they’ve had a smoke prior. Maybe she just doesn’t have the energy to keep going because she may have thought it was going to be a full hour of trying with a semi/hard. Had you washed your hands after you first came? Were you going to touch her private’s directly as that may be a valid reason for her to avoid. Not everyone likes a client touching them there AFTER they’ve came if their hands have been touching the condom/wiping up the cum. Definitely poor on her half for rushing he booking and going on her phone instead of focusing on you in that time.



  • Sadly, this is standard friend. The time booking model that’s advertised is actually a complete an utter misrepresentation because most providers, 90% or more, don’t adhere to it. If you’re a guy who unfortunately gets to the line a bit too early then chances are she’ll be out the door before you can sneeze. You have read and then you must have a conversation because many of the reviews just aren’t reliable.
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