If being daring is that stupid will stay boring!! Rant

So I was contacted by this idiot for an outcall everything was going fine until he says ” You know what would be hot? If you show up in a garter and thigh-highs and NOTHING ELSE.” He also says his area is “pretty dark” so the walk from my car to his door would be totally sexy! 🙍‍♀️🙍‍♀️🙍‍♀️ To which I reply not only would that be extremely stupid of me it could be potentially dangerous FOR BOTH OF US! (I have done adventurous things with REGULARS after some trust has been built up but I cannot imagine doing this with a regular let alone a newbie MY REGULARSWOULDNT EVEN ASK ME! What’s I would have done is wear a large coat over what he requested if I knew him) and he replies “I thought you had a little more daring side to you. I’m sure we can Have fun anyway. ” At this point I have moved passed annoyed to pissed I inform him that if watching me walk from my car to his door then I feel bad because he has no idea What fun with me really is and now he will never know because his juvenile attempt to make me want to prove myself to him has succeeded only in freeing up my evening. I also informed him that I am not desperate enough for money that I will potentially humiliate myself at the least and at worst put myself in harm’s way worse than the situation is normally!! ALSO ITS FUCKING COLD! I asked his age because I thought he might be young NO 49!! What is wrong with these Supposed GROWN MEN???? END OF RANT.



  • I had a guy who wanted me to undress in his vestibule so I would be naked when he opened the door. A lot of escorts get this prank and show up at someone’s home who didn’t call them. I know? Who could be so stupid? But there are a lot of desperate people and a lot of nasty people who want to exploit the desperate.
    • It’s so disgusting I really just have to tell myself karma is in fact a bitch because those scumbags deserve exactly what they put us through ×10
      • I agree. I’d say May their dicks fall off but the last time I said something similar I was reported to Reddit for wishing violence upon someone! Of course, it’s ok for sex workers to be treated terrible that is the way of the world.


  • I had someone ask me once to show up topless to their door. Not a chance idiot
    • I cannot even imagine! I hate when they tell me to just walk in like could you make it any creepier plus I was taught to Always knock!
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