Client took forever to get started, when he finally decided the time had already passed

So I was booked tonight by this client, who was very nice and polite with me the entire time, also tipped me well. After the first few minutes of talking and getting to know each other, I took the condoms out of my purse to get started. But he was super chill and relaxed and told me, to take my time, relax myself and not be stressed. I don’t know but he somehow sensed that I wasn’t into this and told me to try to forget about this and just relax. In reality I was just fine and I don’t know why he took this impression. So instead he wanted to kiss me a bit, then I asked him to massage me. Afterwards he wanted to do oral on me, I wasn’t super interested but I agreed. Then I put the condom and started performing oral on him for a few minutes but eventually our time finished before him penetrating me. He asked me for a few more minutes but it wasn’t possible since the time had exceeded. But I can’t help to feel that I didn’t make him have a good time or I disservice him. But when I tried being professional in the beginning he was all cool and acted like we have a huge amount of time. It wasn’t so much my fault. Any ideas??




  • You didn’t disservice him, he got the time he paid for. He tipped well but didn’t want to pay more for more time? Did he tip up front? If you don’t want him as a regular, I wouldn’t worry about it at all. To keep a guy like this as a regular, it would probably be best to have worked out some way to have sex or at least have him finish somehow. Sounds like he’s a lover boy type who wants to believe that you like him, like spending time with him, and enjoy having sex with him. In my experience, about half of SWs are not interested in providing a Lover Boy Experience; it’s adding emotional work on top of sex work but for the same money. However, the other half of SWs seek out guys like this because they are safer, kinder, and are less likely to brutalize or disrespect you.


  • He was trying to manipulate you and it almost worked or you wouldn’t be asking if you disservice him. Good for you for not letting him take advantage of you, if you give an inch they’ll take a mile. I do sexting and I kind of had this kind of thing happen , where the person just wanted to drag the chatting and make it “romantic” and steamy for “my pleasure” and it ended up in 2h of just ” erotic blablaing” and when he finally decided to start actually jerking, the time was up, despite me sending explicit live nude masturbating vids over and over again way before we’d run out of time and then he put me 😢sad face because he dragged it and thought I’d be willing to go over the paid time for free if ” I was getting actual pleasure out of it ” You can’t control what they expect. The guy you had probably wanted to focus on your pleasure and make you take things the slowest you could, just so he has free time ” on the house ” so to say 🙄 I suggest taking subtle control- you don’t need to be pushy or rushing them , but encourage them into the sex acts that are to eventually follow, pointing out that there is not a lot of time and motivate it by saying something like ” you actually get more pleasure from pleasuring them instead of having someone guess your erogenous zones for the first time ( which takes a lot of time to learn / takes twice to get right on a first time session and gives you half the pleasure 🙄 of course be as detailed on your reasoning as u consider according to their doubts level ) ” I tend to find a reason in anything so I always have a reasoning / justification to anything I need ( thanks childhood trauma lol ) but this comes handy when trying to impose boundaries/take some control back in this world that is goddamn filled by boundary pushers in any areas of sex work.


  • Exactly! In my overall experience analyzing sexual men’s behavior, those who mainly wanted to focus on my pleasure alone did so just to get extra time since ” the woman is actually enjoying or at least seems to enjoy it so she won’t want to stop the session ” … don’t get me started on the ones who ” give directives on how the woman should masturbate ” 🙄🙄🙄 that’s a complete waste of fucking time and it’s just so they watch her reactions but its 90% reaction-acting and getting their directives right so there’s barely any pleasure for the provider in that 🫠 If we needed to focus on our pleasure, real life providers or camgirls, we pick our sex toys, and we do it on OUR TIME alone, or if we really need a real dick we try dating guys that match us on other levels that matter to us , not customers . We charge by hour to focus on YOUR PLEASURE and that’s it. We don’t become sex workers to ” win extra orgasms ” from customers and neither date customers , like some assume when messaging us 💀


  • It’s happened to me before as well, but usually it’s done to try to guilt more time out of you. They do it on purpose. No reason to feel bad, you gave him the time he paid for.


  • Nope, time starts when they walk in the door. I’m super clear about this now because of situations like this, but he wanted to slow down, not you. Times up when it’s up or he can pay more.


  • I had a client recently Tell me he didn’t think the first hour counted and conversation didn’t count and someone I was supposed to only add up the sex time lol. He said it’s how brothels work (well this isn’t here) I also am more of a go with what they want and if they aren’t insisting or aware of time management that’s on them. If they need more time to cum they need to make sure they plan that out. If they don’t want to talk at all they need to say so. It’s a terrible feeling I know. I had my first session of no anything last month and felt sad for him but he also didn’t take his shoes off so I followed suit lol. Then he made comments about the time going too fast and took some of the money away lol.
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