Are you a cam model material?

Is it worth it? After all, you will be exposing yourself to the world at large. But … it holds so much promise – maybe you make your financial dreams come true, or unleash your sexual potential, or cultivate true body positivity and pride in what you do, or thrive in the autonomy and self-determination that comes from having your own business.

Fact: Most cam models quit after the first couple of weeks.

Fact: The down sides of camming have to be worth it for you.

The good news is that you have the ability to increase the positive impacts and mitigate the negative ones. That’s one of the greatest things about this job is the amount of control it gives you over your life. But first you need to be able to handle having that much control. Do you have what it takes? Let’s find out.


Having courage, gumption, and fortitude. There will be highs and lows with this business, especially at the beginning. You will be plagued with self-doubt, and any looming insecurities will be triggered as you do your first few shows. You will experience failure. You may be plagued by tech issues, viewers who don’t tip, or obsessive thoughts of comparing yourself to others. You will face constant challenges as you work to find your niche and establish a following. You will encounter stigma in its myriad forms, feel worried about your safety and security, and face social challenges with acquaintances both old and new. You will experience the sort of fatigue that comes from being in a constant state of newness and learning, of problem-solving and investigating. You will be excruciatingly vulnerable, all the while trying to redefine your sexual boundaries now that an audience and money have been added to the equation. You will need grit to not only navigate these challenges, but to do so successfully so that you come out on top.

No one has ever called you a pushover

Assertiveness, Self-determination, Self-protection. You need to be able to say no, you need to be able to recognize when you are uncomfortable with something and act accordingly, you need to be able to spot manipulators, hustlers, and other nefarious sorts; and you need ways to know when doing something for the money just isn’t worth it. This isn’t just about what happens between you and fans, either. You need to be able to do this stuff with other people in the industry, too. Other models, promoters, managers, studios, etc. there are many people who will seem like they have your best interests in mind when in reality they are playing the game. Then there is also the fact that you will be doing sex acts in a public forum. The vulnerability! Having good boundaries means you can be vulnerable without risking harm. However, this isn’t just about buffering yourself from negative experiences. Being able to do all of the above means that you will attract and retain fans who respect you and pay you what you’re worth, all the while being able to keep your inner circle free of bad people, bad deals, and bad scenes.


Consistency of habit, supportive circumstances, self-mastery. There are many facets to this. One has to do with your mind. If you have a tendency toward negative emotions, or are plagued by mental health issues, then being a cam model is going to exacerbate all of those things. Can you still be a cam model if you have mental health issues? Yes. But you will need solid strategies for managing them and the self-awareness to recognize when they are escalating (and they will escalate). A second facet has to do with your habits. Are you generally a productive person who doesn’t procrastinate? Are you consistent and reliable, or can you be when needed? Being a cam model means that you are your own boss, which means that if you have previously relied on fear of consequences to get you through life, you are going to have a hard time making it as a cam model. You have to cam consistently. You have to devote time to developing your career as well as developing your craft. You have to self- promote. You have to do all of this whether you feel like it or not. The third important facet regarding stability has to do with your life circumstances. Are you desperate? While desperation can be a powerful motivator, it can also lead you to do things you really aren’t comfortable with (which is bad for obvious reasons). Even if nothing bad comes of it, your viewers will sense it and the desperation will undermine your success and attract the wrong kinds of fans. Even if your life is in chaos and you normally live wild and free, be prepared to create some stability around your camming work if you want it to be successful.


Charismatic, open-minded, industrious, free-spirited. All four of these characteristics will serve you well as a cam model: Having charisma and good social skills will help you build connections with others, which is critical to success. Camming is essentially the personalization of porn; connection is everything. Having an open mind means that you will not show disgust when a strange fetish request comes your way. In other words, it means you are able to be a model of sex positivity. Being industrious means you will work hard toward your goals and be proactive about it. As a free-spirited individual, you will have natural inoculation against stigma, slut-shaming, and the many other types of negativities that will come your way. If you find yourself falling short on these characteristics, then the best thing you can do is find ways to leverage your existing strengths to provide the same benefits.

You’re actually ok with it

You have researched and accepted the risks. You do not feel shame about being a cam model.
Many cam models enter into the profession blindly because they want or need to make a lot of money. They do not do the research needed to effectively manage the risks and end up putting themselves in harm’s way by not taking the proper precautions. What is more, they live in fear of being found out and often do not realize until it is too late that each and every one of their cam shows are being pirated and distributed on the internet. On the other hand, models who are actually OK with being a cam model approach the industry with a different mindset. They plan. They do research. They do not feel ashamed of what they do – in fact they even feel proud – because they do not see anything wrong with it. Make sure that you aren’t doing this for the wrong reasons. Making peace with it will make all the difference in the quality of your experience and of your career. After all, if you aren’t really comfortable with the risk, do you really want copies of your shows being on the internet forever?

Go for it!

This might seem like a whole lot of bad news, but it is not. Most of these things are things you can control, influence, or develop. And this is where the biggest secret of cam model success comes into play: individuality. This industry truly is the personalization of porn, and so you should never feel that you have to be or do anything different to make money. The traits above are about protecting you and helping you succeed. If you didn’t see yourself in the descriptions above, then look at it as clarification of your weaknesses. If nothing else, you can use them as a guideline for personal and professional development to help you maximize your chances of success.


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